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Modified atmosphere and active packaging technologies (series: contemporary food engineering) Contemporary Food Engineering Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Arvanitoyannis Ioannis

Couverture de l’ouvrage Modified atmosphere and active packaging technologies (series: contemporary food engineering)
While other packaging books focus on individual types of packaging, this volume takes an applied engineering approach by matching packaging types to specific food types. The material provides unique insight into Modified/Controlled Atmosphere Packaging/Storage (MAP/CAS) and Active Packaging (AP). Depending on the kind of food, packaging material and the corresponding technique employed can both vary considerably. In appreciation of consumer focus on shelf life and safety, the book addresses a range of aseptic, smart, and modified atmosphere packaging. With the increased expense of active packaging, this resource will help product developers make cost-effective decisions early in product development.
Principles, Materials, Gases and Machinery for MAP.Principles of MAP, Definitions of MAP, CA and AP. Materials (films), Gases, Machinery (Techniques) for MAP. Safety and Quality Control of MAP Produces. Safety and Quality Control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Products.Applications of MAP in Foods of Animal Origin.Fish and Seafood. eat and Meat Products. Poultry. MAP on Milk and Dairy Products. Applications of MAP in Foods of Plant Origin.Cereals. Minimally Processed Vegetables. Fruits. Bakery Products. Other applications of MAP. Ready to Eat (RTE) Foods. Miscellaneous foods (coffee, tea, crisps). Active Packaging and its New Trends. Active and Intelligent Packaging. Adaptations of Food Packaging Trends via Nanotechnology. Bioactive Packaging Technologies with Chitosan as a Natural Preservative Agent for Extended Shelf-Life Food Products. Consumer Behavior/Sensory analysis and Legislation. Sensory Analysis &, Consumer Search of MAP Acceptability. EU, US and Canadian Legislation Related to Packaging Coming in Contact with Foods. Conclusions and New Trends. Index. --
Food packaging scientists, food quality and food safety experts, food processing engineers, food chemists and microbiologists, and FDA and USDA regulatory personnel.

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