Techniques in Histopathology & Cytopathology

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This book is a practical guide to histopathological and cytopathological techniques for disease detection and diagnosis.

Divided into fifteen chapter, the text begins with an overview of cells and tissue, discussion on microscopy, and an introduction to the importance of histopathology.

The following sections cover different techniques, each describing basic theory, procedure, potential difficulties, and then concluding with important subjective and objective questions.

Recent developments in the field including immunochemistry, automation, and micro
array, are also discussed.

Each technique is explained with the help of diagrams and figures to assist understanding.
- Chapter 1: Cell and Tissues
- Chapter 2: Microscopy
- Chapter 3: Introduction and Importance of Histopathology
- Chapter 4: Tissue Fixation
- Chapter 5: Decalcification
- Chapter 6: Tissue Processing
- Chapter 7: Microtomy and Section Cutting
- Chapter 8: Frozen Sections and Cryostat
- Chapter 9: Staining
- Chapter 10: Mounting of Sections
- Chapter 11: Cytopathology
- Chapter 12: Museum Techniques
- Chapter 13: Safety in Histopathology Laboratory
- Chapter 14: Advances in Histopathology and Cytopathology
- Index
Pathologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians
Sadhana Vishwakarma
Professor, Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India