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Plant Secondary Metabolites for Human Health Extraction of Bioactive Compounds

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Goyal Megh R., Joy P. P., Rasul Suleria Hafiz Ansar

Couverture de l’ouvrage Plant Secondary Metabolites for Human Health

This new book volume, Plant Secondary Metabolites for Human Health: Extraction of Bioactive Compounds, deals with recent advanced research in the medical and nutrition sciences, natural products, and health-promoting foods that work to reduce the risk of diseases while enhancing overall well-being. Plant-based functional foods are known to contain compounds (also referred to as phytochemicals) in the leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits that help to promote human health. These plant products are drawing attention of researchers because of their demonstrated beneficial effects against disease, particularly diabetes, hypertension, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, among others. The medicinal and nutritional use of plant secondary metabolites is a hot topic and has been receiving extensive attention from both health professionals and the public.

Part 1: Extraction Of Bioactive Compounds From Plants

1. Extraction Methods for Bioactive Compounds from Plants: An Overview

A. Sangamithra, V. Chandrasekar, and Swamy Gabriela John

2. Plant Extracts and Functional Foods for Better Health: Vitality of Bioactive Compounds in Cell Signaling and Biological Assays

K. M. Thara

Part 2: Plant-Based Drugs

3. Role of Herbal Drugs in Management of Life Style Diseases

V. Sreelakshmi and Annie Abraham

4. Health Benefits of Eugenia uniflora L.: A Review

S. Syama et al. 5. Functional Foods and Nutritional Epigenetics: Review on Scope, Role, and Health Benefits

K. C. Dhanya and Aditya Menon

Part 3: Innovative Use Of Plant-Based Drugs For Human Health

6. Plant Xylitol for Human Health: An Overview on Benefits and Potent Immunomodulator

V. H. Haritha et al.

7. Aldose Reductase Inhibitors for Multifaceted Anti-Diabetic Actions

Y. Anie et al.

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