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Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery
BMA Book Awards 2017 - Surgery
Mohs surgery is now regarded as the most effective treatment choice for patients with skin cancer, the microscopic nature of the procedure allowing for extremely targeted removal of cancerous tissue. However it demands precise reconstructive skills of the surgeon to ensure optimum aesthetic and functional results.  

Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery provides comprehensive guidance on the repair of soft tissue defects of the face after Mohs surgery. After a brief review of the Mohs technique and of the histologic variations in different skin cancers, the book systematically covers all facial regions explaining how to optimize the aesthetic outcome of tissue reconstruction.  Each chapter includes examples of the most commonly seen Mohs defects with detailed pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative photographs as well as illustrations and text which will guide the surgeon through each step of the reconstruction. An accompanying DVD highlights key operative details.

1                     A Primer on Mohs Micrographic Surgery Technique

2                     Histologic Review of Common Skin Cancers

3                     Aesthetic Concepts in Facial Soft Tissue Reconstruction

4                     Wound Healing and Flap Physiology

5                     Approach to Defects of the Forehead

6                     Reconstruction of the Ear

7                     Reconstruction of the Eyebrow

8                     Reconstruction of the Upper Eyelid

9                     Reconstruction of the Lower Eyelid

10                 Reconstruction of the Cheek

11                 Reconstruction of the Nose

12                 Reconstruction in the Lips and Mouth

13                 Reconstruction of the Lateral Face

14                 Scar Physiology and Non-surgical Treatment of Scars


DVD-ROM contents


Video 1

Instruments and suture techniques (Chapter 4)


Video 2

Design of transpositional flap for nasal tip defect (Chapter 4)


Video 3

Design of rotational advancement flap for nasal tip defect (Chapter 4)


Video 4

Design of bilateral advancement flaps for forehead defect (Chapter 4)


Video 5

Reconstruction of central forehead defect with bilateral O-to-H advancement

flaps (Chapter 5)


Video 6

Closure of large forehead and scalp defect with bilobed flap and scalp

advancement (Chapter 5)


Video 7

Reconstruction of Mohs helical rim defect with Antia-Buch flap (Chapter 6)


Video 8

Upper eyelid reconstruction with direct closure and canthotomy (Chapter 7)


Video 9

Repair of upper eyelid Mohs defect with two-stage Cutler-Beard bridge flap

(Chapter 7)


Video 10

Anterior lamellar reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix and paramedian

forehead flap (Chapter 7)


Video 11

Direct closure of lower eyelid defect (Chapter 8)


Video 12

Reconstruction of lower eyelid defect with periosteal flap and Tenzel flap

(Chapter 8)


Video 13

Reconstruction of lower eyelid defect with Hughes flap and Tripier flap

(Chapter 8)


Video 14

Reconstruction of lower eyelid defect with ear cartilage and myocutaneous

flap (Chapter 8)


Video 15

Reconstruction of nasal alar defect with full thickness skin graft (Chapter 9)


Video 16

External nasal valve reconstruction with ear cartilage graft and nasolabial

flap (Chapter 9)


Video 17

Aesthetic reconstruction of Mohs alar defect with multiple, staged flaps

and ear cartilage graft (Chapter 9)


Video 18

Reconstruction of lower eyelid and midcheek defect with cervicofacial

rotational flap (Chapter 10)


Video 19

Reconstruction of lateral cheek defect with rhombic transposition flap

(Chapter 11)


Video 20

Reconstruction of total lip defect with Karapandzic flaps (Chapter 12)


Video 21

Aesthetic scar revision nasal alar contraction (Chapter 14)

Trainee and Practising Dermatologic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons
Salvatore Pacella MD MBA FACS Division Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Scripps Clinic & Research Institute, San Diego, California, USA

Mark A Codner MD FACS Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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