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Mohs micrographic surgery, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2012

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Nouri Keyvan

Couverture de l’ouvrage Mohs micrographic surgery
This book is written for dermatologists, otolaryngologists, facial plastic surgeons and any physician who want to provide state of the art treatment for skin cancer patients. Considering the high incidence of non-melanoma skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (accounting for over one million cases per year in the United States) and since Mohs Micrographic Surgery has become the treatment of choice for these skin cancers, the popularity of this technique has been increasing dramatically, worldwide.
Chapter 1: Historical Perspective of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Section I: Fundamentals of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 2: General Indications for Mohs Micrographic Surgery -Tumor Location (high risk anatomical location, tissue conservation priority) -Tumor Size -Deep Structure Involvement -Recurrent Tumor -Positive margins after surgical excision -Tumor type/histological differentiation -Irradiated skin.- Chapter 3: Pre-operative Evaluation.- Chapter 4: The Mohs Micrographic Surgery Operative Room Set-up.- Chapter 5: Anesthesia Considerations: Local versus Regional.- Chapter 6: Surgical Anatomy for Mohs Micrographic Surgeons.- Chapter 7: The Fixed-Tissue Mohs Micrographic Surgical Technique -Mapping -Instrumentation and sutures.- Chapter 8: The Fresh-Tissue Mohs Micrographic Surgical Technique -Mapping -Instrumentation and sutures.- Chapter 9: Special Considerations for Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Organ transplant recipients.- Chapter 10: Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Ethnic Skin.- Chapter 11: Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Genodermatoses.- Chapter 12: Nursing Interventions.- Section II: Laboratory Processing.- Chapter 13: Histopathology Laboratory Set-up and Necessary Instruments.- Chapter 14: Tissue Specimen Transport and Initial Processing.- Chapter 15: Cryostat Preparation of Slides.- Chapter 16: Staining Preparation of Slides.- Chapter 17: Histopathologic Interpretation of Mohs Slides.- Chapter 18: Tissue Specimen Documentation/Record-Keeping/Storage.- Section III: Mohs Micrographic Surgery by tumor and site.- Chapter 19: Basal Cell Carcinoma -Introduction -Basic epidemiology -Subtypes (Clinical Presentation, Histopathology, Indications for MMS, Reported cure rates à for each subtype).- Chapter 20: Squamous Cell Carcinoma.- Chapter 21: Melanoma.- Chapter 22: Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans.- Chapter 23 Microcystic adnexal carcinoma.- Chapter 24 Atypical fibroxanthoma/ Malignant fibrous histiocytoma.- Chapter 25 Extramammary Pagets disease.- Chapter 26 Leiomyosarcoma.- Chapter 27 Merkel cell carcinoma.- Chapter 28 Adnexal / Adenocystic carcinomas (Eccrine porocarcinoma, Sweat gland carcinoma).- Chapter 29: Sebaceous gland carcinoma.- Chapter 30: Eyelids.- Chapter 31: Nails.- Chapter 32: Genitalia.- Chapter 33: Deep Structures: Mucosa, Fat, Muscle, Nerve, Cartilage, Bone.- Section IV: Pitfalls of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 34: Histopathological pitfalls of Mohs.- Chapter 35: Complications of Mohs Micrographic Surgery -Bleeding -Nerve Damage -Cardiovascular Events -Drug Reaction/Toxicity/Allergy/Bacterial prophylaxis -Wound Infection/Infective seeding of prosthetic devices/Bacterial endocarditis.- Section V: Reconstructive and Adjuvant techniques.- Chapter 36: Eyelid Reconstruction after Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 37: Flaps.- Chapter 38: Skin grafts.- Chapter 39: Complex Closures.- Chapter 40: Prosthetic rehabilitation.- Chapter 41: Adjuvant therapy after Mohs Micrographic Surgery effudex, Aldara, radiation, etc.- Section VI: Training and Regulations in Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 42: Training and certification for Mohs micrographic surgery.- Chapter 43: Office Practice for Mohs Micrographic Surgery (ancillary).- Section VII: International Perspective of Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 44: South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia.- Section VIII: Patient Safety and Medicolegal Issues.- Chapter 45: Information for Patients and Safety Considerations.- Chapter 46: Ethical Issues regarding Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 47: Medicolegal Issues regarding Mohs Micrographic Surgery.- Chapter 48: Psychological Issues regarding Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

Comprehensive textbook, covering all main aspects of procedure means the reader will be able to put into practice the acquired knowledge

The more expertise in doing this procedure the better results the physician will accomplish

Updated and informative textbook that will provide a better understanding of this procedure

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19.3x26 cm

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