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Customer Relationship Management (4th Ed.) Concepts and Technologies

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management, Fourth Edition continues to be the go-to CRM guide explaining with unrivalled clarity what CRM is, its uses, benefits and implementation. Buttle and Maklan take a managerial perspective to track the role of CRM throughout the customer journey stages of acquisition, retention and development. Theoretically sound and managerially relevant, the book is liberally illustrated with examples of technology applications that support marketing, sales and service teams as they interact with customers, but assumes no deep technical knowledge on the reader?s part. The book is structured around three core types of CRM ? strategic, operational and analytical ? and throughout each chapter, case illustrations of CRM in practice and images of CRM software demystify the technicalities.


Ideal as a core textbook for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students on CRM or related courses such as relationship marketing, digital marketing, customer experience management or key account management, the book is equally valuable to industry professionals, managers involved in CRM programs and those pursuing professional qualifications or accreditation in marketing, sales or service management.



  • New and updated international case illustrations throughout
  • New and updated screenshots from CRM applications
  • Fully updated to reflect the evolving CRM landscape, including extended coverage of:
    • Big data and its influence on CRM
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Advances in CRM analytics
    • The relationships between CRM and customer experience management
    • The role of social media in customer management strategy
    • Real-time marketing
    • Chatbots and innovative customer self-service
    • Privacy and data security.

  • Updated lecturer support materials online.


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Section A: Understanding Customer Relationships

1. Introduction to CRM

2. Understanding Relationships

3. Managing the Customer Journey: Customer Acquisition

4. Managing the Customer Journey: Customer Retention and Development

Section B: Strategic CRM

5. Customer Portfolio Management

6. Managing Customer-Experienced Value

7. Managing customer experience

Section C: Operational CRM

8. Marketing Automation

9. Sales force automation

10. Service Automation

Section D: Analytical CRM

11. Developing and Managing Customer-Related Databases

12. Using Customer-Related Data

Section E: Realizing the Benefits of CRM

13. Planning to Succeed

14. Implementing CRM

Section F: Looking to the Future

15. The Future



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