Microeconomics and behavior (6th ed )

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Robert Frank's Microeconomics and Behavior covers the essential topics of microeconomics while exploring the relationship between economics analysis and human behavior. The book's clear narrative appeals to students, and its numerous examples help students develop economic intuition. This book introduces modern topics not often found in intermediate textbooks. Its focus throughout is to develop a student's capacity to 'think like an economist.'
Part 1: Introduction
1 Thinking Like an Economist
2 Supply and Demand
Appendix: How Do Taxes Affect Equilibrium Prices and Quantities?
Part 2: The Theory of Consumer Behavior
3 Rational Consumer Choice Appendix: The Utility Function Approach to the Consumer Budgeting Problem
4 Individual and Market Demand
Appendix: Additional Topics in Demand Theory
5 Applications of Rational Choice and Demand Theories
6 The Economics of Information and Choice Under Uncertainty Appendix: Search Theory and the Winner's Curse
7 Explaining Tastes: The Importance of Altruism and Other Nonegoistic Behavior
8 Cognitive Limitations and Consumer Behavior
Part 3: The Theory of the Firm and Market Structure
9 Production Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of Production Theory
10 Costs Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of the Theory of Costs
11 Perfect Competition
12 Monopoly
13 Imperfect Competition: A Game-Theoretic Approach
Part 4: Factor Markets
14 Labor
Appendix: The Economics of Workplace Safety
15 Capital
Appendix: A More Detailed Look at Exhaustible Resource Allocation
Part 5: General Equilibrium and Welfare
16 General Equilibrium and Market Efficiency
17 Externalities, Property Rights, and the Coase Theorem
18 Government