Kinesiology w/ dynamic human 2 0 & powerweb

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This introductory text provides undergraduate students with the basics of anatomy, physiology, and the applications of kinesiology. It uses a qualitative approach with an easy-to-follow writing style. Theory is balanced with many sport and real-world applications to promote the integrated nature of kinesiology, including the anatomical and biomechanical concepts. New texts now come packaged with Dynamic Human and PowerWeb: Health & Human Performance!
1 Introduction to the Study of Kinesiology Part 1:Anatomical and Physiological Fundamentals of Human Motion 2 The Musculoskeletal System: The Skeletal Framework and Its Movements 3 The Musculoskeletal System: The Musculature 4 The Neuromuscular Basis of Human Motion 5 The Upper Extremity: The Shoulder Region 6 The Upper Extremity: The Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, and Hand 7 The Lower Extremity: The Hip Region 8 The Lower Extremity: The Knee, Ankle, and Foot 9 The Spinal Column and Thorax Part 2:Fundamentals of Biomechanics 10 Terminology and Measurement in Biomechanics 11 The Description of Human Motion 12 The Conditions of Linear Motion 13 The Conditions of Rotary Motion 14 The Center of Gravity and Stability Part 3:Motor Skills: Principles and Applications 15 The Standing Posture 16 Kinesiology of Fitness and Exercise 17 Moving Objects: Pushing and Pulling 18 Moving Objects: Throwing, Striking, and Kicking 19 Locomotion: Solid Surface 20 Locomotion: The Aquatic Environment 21 Locomotion: When Suspended and Free of Support 22 Impact 23 Instrumentation for Motion Analysis Appendix A Glossary Appendix B Classification of Joints and Their Movements Appendix C Joint Range of Motion Appendix D Muscular Attachments and Nerve Supply Appendix E Mathematics Review Appendix F Table of Trigonometric Functions Appendix G U.S. - Metric Equivalents Appendix H Exercises for Kinesiological Analysis Appendix I Answers to Problems in Part II