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Written for the introductory communication course, Communication Works discusses communication principles, interpersonal communication, and public speaking in an engaging and accessible manner. Gamble and Gamble's approach encourages students to use their understanding of communication as a means to explore how social diversity, a sense of ethics, technology, and critical thinking skills influence the nature of communication experiences.

PART 1: THE ESSENTIALS OF COMMUNICATION Chapter 1. Communication: The Starting Line Chapter 2. Communicating in a Culturally Diverse Society and World Chapter 3. Communication and the Self-Concept: Who Are You? Chapter 4. Communication and Perception: I Am More Than a Camera Chapter 5. Language and Meaning: Helping Minds Meet Chapter 6. Nonverbal Communication: Silent Language Speaks Chapter 7. Listening and Critical Thinking PART 2: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Chapter 8. Understanding Relationships Chapter 9. Person to Person: Relationships in Context Chapter 10. Interviewing: From Both Sides of the Desk PART 3: COMMUNICATING IN THE SMALL GROUP Chapter 11. The Roles of the Group in Decision Making and Problem Solving Chapter 12. Group Networks, Membership, and Leadership Chapter 13. Handling Group Conflict: How to Disagree without Becoming Disagreeable PART 4: COMMUNICATING TO THE PUBLIC Chapter 14. The Speaker and The Audience Chapter 15. Developing Your Speech Chapter 16. Designing Your Speech Chapter 17. Delivering Your Speech Chapter 18. Informative Speaking Chapter 19. Persuasive Speaking Appendix: Mass Communication and Media Literacy Activities for the Last Day