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Records in stone: papers in memory of alexander thom

Auteur : RUGGLES Clive

Thème de Records in stone: papers in memory of alexander thom

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Date de parution : 11-2002
Langue : Anglais
Ouvrage 537 p. 23.7x19.1 cm Broché

Sommaire de Records in stone: papers in memory of alexander thom

Foreword, Part I. Alexander Thom's Life and Work: 1. A personal note about my late father, Alexander Thom Archie Thom, 2. A personal appreciation of Professor Alexander Thom Hans Motz, 3. The career and publications of Alexander Thom Compiled by Archie Thom, 4. A catalogue of the Alexander Thom archive held in the National Monuments Record of Scotland Lesley Ferguson, 5. The metrology and geometry of Megalithic Man Alexander Thom and Archie Thom, 6. Megalithic landscape Chris Jennings, Part II. Research Papers: Archaeological Research Inspired by Alexander Thom: 7. ‘Without sharp north …' Alexander Thom and the great stone circles of Cumbria Aubrey Burl, 8. Investigating the prehistoric solar calendar Euan MacKie, 9. The stone alignments of Argyll and Mull: a perspective on the statistical approach in archaeoastronomy Clive Ruggles, 10. A cluster analysis of astronomical orientations Jon Patrick and Peter Freeman, 11. Megalithic observatories in Britain: real or imagined? Ray Norris, 12. The stone rows of northern Scotland Leslie Myatt, 13. Stones in the landscape of Brittany Pierre-Roland Giot, 14. The orientation of visibility from the chambered cairns of Eday, Orkney David Fraser, 15. The Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Graham Ritchie, 16. The geometry of some megalithic rings Ronald Curtis, 17. Megalithic compound ring geometry Thaddeus Cowan, 18. The metrology of cup-and-ring carvings Alan Davis, 19. Megalithic Callanish Margaret Ponting, 20. The Thom paradigm in the Americas: the case of the cross-circle designs Anthony Aveni, 21. Light in the temples Ed Krupp, Abbreviations, Bibliography.