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Multi-rotor Platform Based UAV Systems

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Multi-rotor Platform Based UAV Systems

Multi-rotor Platform Based UAV Systems is aimed at providing an excellent opportunity for experiential learning, capability augmentation and confidence building for senior level undergraduates, entry-level graduates as well as engineers working in government agencies and industry involved in UAV R&D. Topics in this book include: introduction to VTOL multi-copter UAV platforms

1. Introduction to UAVs and VTOL Multi-Copter UAV Platforms 2. Integration in the National airspace (Europe and USA) - UAV Classification and Associated Missions, Regulation and Safety, Certification and Air Traffic Management 3. UAV Classification and Mission Planning 4. UAV System Architecture 5. Flight Safety Assessment and Approaches 6. Energy power and thrust management including electrical power, Battery cells, propellers, and electrical motors 7. Diagnostics and fault tolerant path planning 8. Dynamics Modeling, Flight Controller Optimization and Testing of Multi-Rotor UAVs 9. Autonomous Navigation and Target Geo­location in GPS Denied Environment 10. Real-time Video and FLIR Image Processing for Enhanced Situational Awareness 11. Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Flight Test of Multi-rotor UAVs using a 3D printer 12. Genetic Fuzzy Single and Collaborative Tasking for UAV Operations 13. UAV Navigation in National Air Space

For senior level undergraduates, entry-level graduates as well as engineers working in government agencies and industry involved in UAV R&D
Engineers and managers working in industries/agencies interested in applying UAVs to their operations.
Dr. Franck Cazaurang graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 1991 and received a Master degree in Automatic Control and Systems from University of Bordeaux 1 in 1992. From October 1992 to November 1997 he was lecturer in Bordeaux 1 and also a Ph.D. student at Bordeaux 1 University, France. He received the Ph.D. degree in December 1997, and the accreditation to supervise research (HdR) in November 2009. Since October 2010, he is full professor of Automatic control at University Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux, France. His main research interest concerns automatic control, autonomous path planning and path tracking based on robust dynamic inversion and their application to aerospace systems. He has 17 refereed journal papers, 1 chapter in peer reviewed professional book, 35 archival proceedings in professional conferences and 2 patents in the aeronautical domain. Dr. Cazaurang has graduated 7 PhD students and 12 MS students.
Since 2003, he is the director of the Master of Engineering program dedicated to engineering and maintenance of Aeronautical and transport systems. This university curriculum is proposed for a five-year study period, which includes an undergraduate and graduate degree program. Each year, around 350 students are enrolled in this university educational program. In 2011, he set up a new e-learning continuing education program dedicated to customer support in aeronautical engineering and maintenance. His teaching activity is focused on automatic flight control for aircraft and UAV and the associated maintenance. These courses are offered to graduate students.
Dr. Kelly Cohen is a tenured Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati and Director of MOST-AERO Labs (Morphing and Optimization Systems Technology for Aerospace Laboratory). Teaching areas include fundamental control, modeling and simulation, fuzzy logic, systems engineering, optimal control and analytical dy

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