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IMDG Code 2016. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (2 volume set) Incorporating Amendment 38-14 (IK200E)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage IMDG Code 2016. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (2 volume set)
Many maritime countries have taken steps to regulate the carriage of dangerous goods by sea, based on the safety considerations set out in parts A and A-1 of chapter VII of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, as amended. More recently, as marine pollution has become a serious concern, countries have taken further steps to regulate the carriage of marine pollutants, as described in Annex III of MARPOL.

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, which was first published in 1965, amplifies the requirements of both Conventions and has become the standard guide to all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport.

The Code lays down basic principles: detailed recommendations for individual substances, materials and articles, and a number of recommendations for good operational practice, including advice on terminology, packing, labelling, stowage, segregation and handling, and emergency response action
The two-volume Code is divided into seven parts:

Volume 1 (parts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Code) contains sections on:
. general provisions, definition and training
. classification
. packing and tank provisions
. consignment procedures
. construction and testin of packagings, IBCs, larg packagings, portable tanks MEGCs and road tank vehicles
. transport operations

Volume 2 contains (part 3) :
. Dangerous Goods List,
. speciaprovisions and exceptions
. appendices A and B (generic and N.O.S. Proper Shipping Names, an glossary of terms) and an index.
Although the information in the Code is directed primarily at the mariner, its provisions may affect a range of industries and services: manufacturers, packers, shippers, feeder services such as road and rail, and port authorities will find reliable advice on terminology, packing, labelling, classification, stowage, segregation, and emergency response action.

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