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The Cambridge World History of Violence The Cambridge World History of Violence Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Gordon Matthew, Kaeuper Richard, Zurndorfer Harriet

Couverture de l’ouvrage The Cambridge World History of Violence
Violence permeated much of social life across the vast geographical space of the European, Asian, and Islamic worlds and through the broad sweep of what is often termed the Middle Millennium (roughly 500 to 1500). Focusing on four contexts in which violence occurred across this huge area, the contributors to this volume explore the formation of centralized polities through war and conquest; institution building and ideological expression by these same polities; control of extensive trade networks; and the emergence and dominance of religious ecumenes. Attention is also given to the idea of how theories of violence are relevant to the specific historical circumstances discussed in the volume's chapters. A final section on the depiction of violence, both visual and literary, demonstrates the ubiquity of societal efforts to confront meanings of violence during this longue durée.
1. Armies and Tribes in the Steppe Nicola Di Cosmo; 2. Armies and Lords in China Don J. Wyatt; 3. Armies and Lords in the Islamic World Jürgen Paul; 4. Armies and Bands in Early Medieval Europe John France; 5. The Vikings Anders Winroth; 6. Chinese Rulers, Retainers, and Military Service Jonathan Skaff; 7. Rulers, Retainers, and Military Service in Japan David Spafford; 8. Crime and Punishment in the Islamic World Christian Lange; 9. Crime and Law in Europe Hannah Skoda; 10. Banditry in Medieval Japan Morten Oxenbøll; 11. State, Society and Trained Violence in Middle Period China Peter Lorge; 12. Seigneurial Violence in Medieval Europe Justine Firnhaber-Baker; 13. The Growth of Military Power and the Impact of State Military Violence in Western Europe, c.1460 to 1560 David Potter; 14. Ethnic and Social Violence in Medieval Byzantium Teresa Shawcross; 15. Violence against Women in Islamdom Nadia Maria El Cheikh; 16. Violence and Murder in Europe Sara M. Butler; 17. Violence and Religion in Medieval China, c. 500-1500 Tim Barrett; 18. Religion and Violence in Japan Martin Repp; 19. Violence and Human Sacrifice in the Archaeology and Art of Maya and Other Mexican Indigenous Societies Wolfgang Gabbert and Ute Schüren; 20. Religious Violence: Jihad and the Treatment of Infidel David Cook; 21. European Crusader Violence Susanna A. Throop; 22. The Valorization of Chivalric Violence Dick Kaeuper; 23. Violence against Heretics, Muslims, and Jews Christine Caldwell Ames; 24. Religion and Violence in Byzantium John Haldon; 25. Warfare in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica Andrew K. Scherer; 26. Representations of Violence in Imperial China Bret Hinsch; 27. Narrating the Disorder: Cut Flesh, Gender, and the Heavenly Order in Japan's Changing Medieval World Hitomi Tonomura; 28. Depictions of Violence in Islamic Art and Architecture Sheila Blair; 29. Depictions of Violence in Arabic Literature James Montgomery; 30. Representations of Violence in European Literature Albrecht Classen; 31. Depictions of Violence in Medieval European Art Mitchell B. Merback.
matthew gordon is Professor of History at the University of Miami (Oxford, Ohio). He is the author of The Breaking of a Thousand Swords: A History of the Turkish Military of Samarra (2001) and The Rise of Islam (2005); co-editor of Concubines and Courtesans: Women and Slavery in Islamic History (with Kathryn A. Hain, 2017) and co-editor and translator of The Works of Ibn Wādih al-Ya'qūbī: An English Translation (with Chase F. Robinson, Everett K. Rowson and Michael Fishbein, 2018).
richard w. kaeuper is Professor of History at The University of Rochester. He has published widely on justice and public order, and more recently on chivalry, in medieval Europe. Recent books include Medieval Chivalry (2016) and Holy Warriors: The Religious Ideology of Chivalry (2009). A collection of his essays, Kings, Knights, and Bankers: the collected articles of Richard Kaeuper (edited by Christopher Guyol), was published in 2016.
harriet zurndorfer is affiliated with the Leiden Institute for Area Studies in the Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University. She is the author of Change and Continuity in Chinese Local History (1989), China Bibliography: A Research Guide to Reference Works about China Past and Present (1995); and has published more than 200 learned articles and reviews. She is also founder, and editor of the journal Nan Nü: Men, Women and Gender in China, published since 1999.

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