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Sign Languages Structures and Contexts Routledge Guides to Linguistics Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Sign Languages

Sign Languages: Structures and Contexts provides a succinct summary of major findings in the linguistic study of natural sign languages. Focusing on American Sign Language (ASL), this book:

  • offers a comprehensive introduction to the basic grammatical components of phonology, morphology, and syntax with examples and illustrations;
  • demonstrates how sign languages are acquired by Deaf children with varying degrees of input during early development, including no input where children create a language of their own;
  • discusses the contexts of sign languages, including how different varieties are formed and used, attitudes towards sign languages, and how language planning affects language use;
  • is accompanied by e-resources, which host links to video clips.

Offering an engaging and accessible introduction to sign languages, this book is essential reading for students studying this topic for the first time with little or no background in linguistics.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Phonology

Chapter 3: Morphology

Chapter 4: Syntax

Chapter 5: Children with input from birth

Chapter 6: Contexts of later language development

Chapter 7: Homesign systems

Chapter 8: Variation

Chapter 9: Language Attitudes

Chapter 10: Language Policy and Planning 

Chapter 11: Conclusion


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Date de parution :

12.9x19.8 cm

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