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Research Literacy A Primer for Understanding and Using Research

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Research Literacy

Preparing students to become informed, critical consumers of research, this accessible text builds essential skills for understanding research reports, evaluating the implications for evidence-based practice, and communicating findings to different audiences. It demystifies qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods designs and provides step-by-step procedures for judging the strengths and limitations of any study. Excerpts from real research reports are used as opportunities to develop methodological knowledge and practice analytic skills. Based on sound pedagogic principles, the text is structured for diverse learning styles: visual learners (concept maps, icons), active learners (building-block exercises and templates for writing), and story learners (examples, reading guides, and reflections).

User-Friendly Features
*Rubrics, checklists of steps to take, and reading guides that walk students through analyzing different types of research articles.
*Journal abstracts with questions that home in on key aspects of a study.
*Exemplars of each type of study, with descriptions of methodological and design choices.
*End-of-chapter skills-building exercises that lead up to writing a research review essay.
*Chapter appendices featuring sample responses to the exercises.

I. Introduction to Research and Information Literacy
1. Introduction to Research Literacy
2. Information Literacy: Accessing and Searching Digital Resources
II. Qualitative Research
3. Qualitative Research: Introduction and Overview
4. Ethnography
5. Other Qualitative Designs
III. Quantitative Research: The Basics
6. Introduction to Quantitative Research
7. Descriptive Statistics and Data Displays
IV. Experimental Research
8. Introduction to Experimental Research
9. Factorial Designs: Between-Group and Repeated-Measures Designs
10. Single-Subject Research and Designs
V. Nonexperimental Research
11. Nonexperimental Group Comparisons
12. Correlations Research
VI. Mixing and Creating Methods
13. Mixed Methods Research
14. Program Evaluation and Teacher Evaluation
15. Practitioner Research
VII. Research Reviews
16. Professional Research Reviews
17. Writing a Student Review Essay
Appendix. Sample Answers to Review Questions

Jeffrey S. Beaudry, PhD, is Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Southern Maine. His interests include visual learning, assessment literacy, formative assessment, action research, science literacy, educational technology, and program evaluation. The author or coauthor of more than 20 journal articles and book chapters, Dr. Beaudry teaches research methods courses online and in blended media formats.

Lynne Miller, EdD, is Professor Emerita of Educational Leadership at the University of Southern Maine, where she held the Walter E. Russell Chair in Education and Philosophy and directed the Southern Maine Partnership. An experienced teacher and leader in K-12 public schools and higher education, she is committed to linking theory and practice and to promoting research literacy for practitioners. Dr. Miller has authored or coauthored seven books and more than 50 articles. She continues to be engaged as a scholar and activist for equality in education.


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