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Muslims and Political Participation in Britain Routledge Studies in Religion and Politics Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Peace Timothy

This new volume showcases the latest research into Muslim political participation both in terms of electoral politics and civil society initiatives.

Muslims play a prominent role in British political life yet what do we actually know about the involvement of British Muslims beyond the existence of a handful of Muslim MPs? What is unique about political participation in Muslim communities? All the major parties actively seek to court a ?Muslim electorate? but does such a phenomenon exist? Despite the impact that Muslims have had on election campaigns and their roles in various political institutions, research on this topic remains scant. Indeed, much of the existing work was couched within the broader areas of the participation of ethnic minorities or the impact of race on electoral politics. The chapters in this volume address this lacuna by highlighting different aspects of Muslim participation in British politics. They investigate voting patterns and election campaigns, civil society and grassroots political movements, the engagement of young people and the participation of Muslims in formal political institutions.

Written in an accessible style, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of political participation and religious studies.

Foreward, Muhammad Anwar, Introduction, Timothy Peace Part I - Voting and elections 1. The Paradox of Patronage politics: Biraderi, Representation and Political Participation amongst British Pakistanis,Parveen Akhtar 2. Muslim electoral participation in British general elections: an historical perspective and case study, Jamil Sherif, Anas Altikriti and Ismail Patel 3. Mosques and political engagement in Britain: participation or segregation?, Maria Sobolewska and Siobhan Mcandrew Part II - Social Movements 4. Women from Muslim communities in Britain: Political and Civic Activism in the 9/11 era, Khursheed Wadia 5. ‘Islamic’ Environmentalism in Great Britain,Rosemary Hancock 6. British Muslims and the anti-war movement, Timothy Peace Part III - Exploring the political amongst young people 7. Diversity in political perspectives and engagement among young British Muslims, Asma Mustafa 8. Facebook Groups as Potential Political Publics? Exploring ideas of the political amongst young British Muslim Facebook users, Brooke Storer-Church 9. From crisis to opportunity – 9/11 and the progress of British Muslim political engagement, Khadijah Elshayyal Part IV - Representation 10. The Muslim Council of Britain and its engagement with the British political establishment,Ekaterina Braginskaia 11. Muslims in Parliament: A Myth of Futility, Ekaterina Kolpinskaya 12. The Political Behaviour of Minority Councillors across London Boroughs: Comparing Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Hackney, Eren Tatari and Ahmet Yukleyen

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