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Interfaith Dialogue, 1st ed. 2016 Global Perspectives Pathways for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Chia Edmund Kee-Fook

Couverture de l’ouvrage Interfaith Dialogue
 This book addresses issues central to today?s Catholic Church, focusing on the relationship between various religions in different contexts and regions across the world. The diverse array of contributors present  an inclusively interfaith enterprise, investigating a wide range of encounters and perspectives. The essays include approaches from the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Bahá?í traditions, in a variety of geographic contexts. Contributors reflect on Muslims in the West, Christian-Buddhist social activism, and on Chinese, Indian, and Japanese religions. The volume also explores the experiences of communities that are often marginalized and overlooked such as the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia and the Karen tribal peoples of Thailand. Contributors examine the works of the Focolare, Gülen, and Rissh? K?sei-kai movements, and integrate the vision of Raimon Panikkar and Ken Wilber. Chapters incorporate discussions of dialogue documents such as Nostra Aetate and Dabru Emet, and methodologies such as Receptive Ecumenism, Comparative Theology, and Scriptural Reasoning. Among other goals, the book seeks to offer glimpses into interfaith dialogues across the world and examine what Christians can learn from other religions and global contexts.   

Part I: The Second Vatican Council and Nostra Aetate 

1. Vatican II and Interfaith Dialogue; Archbishop Michael L. Fitzgerald
2. Article Four of Nostra Aetate and Christian-Jewish Relations; John T. Pawlikowski, OSM
3. Jewish Perspectives on Interfaith Dialogue after Nostra Aetate; Rabbi Fred Morgan
4. Response of the Asian Church to Nostra Aetate; Edmund Kee-Fook Chia

Part II: Islam and Muslims Around the Globe 

5. Challenges of Muslim-Christian Relations in Nigeria; Mukhtar Umar Bunza
6. Impact of State Policies on Islam in Pakistan; Ali Ahmed
7. Australian Muslims and the “Innocence of Muslims”; Fatih Erol Tuncer
8. Citizenship between State and Mosque for Muslims in Switzerland; Stéphane Lathion
Part III: What Christians Can Learn...

9. What Christians Can Learn from Shamanic Pneumatology; Jojo M. Fung, SJ
10. What Christians Can Learn from Buddhism; Paul F. Knitter
11. What Christians Can Learn from Indian Religions; Michael Amaladoss, SJ
12. What Christians Can Learn from Chinese Religions; Jonathan Y. Tan
13. What Christians Can Learn from Japanese Religions; Emi Mase-Hasegawa

Part IV: Methods and Models for Interfaith Dialogue 

14. Deeper Dialogue with Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia; Archbishop Christopher C. Prowse

15. African Christian Approaches to Other Religions; Moussa Serge Traore, M.Afr.
16. Encountering the Other “Other”: A Bahá’í Perspective; Natalie Mobini
17. Commonalities among Renewal Movements across Religions; Roberto Catalano18. The Promise of Comparative Theology: Reading between the Lines; Michael Barnes, SJ 
19. Raimon Panikkar’s Contribution to Interfaith Dialogue; Gerard Hall, SM
20. Epistemic Confidence, Humility, and Kenosis in Interfaith Dialogue; Julius-Kei Kato

 Edmund Kee-Fook Chia is originally from Malaysia. He served for eight years as Executive Secretary of Interreligious Dialogue for the Asian Bishops’ Conferences, and taught for seven years at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, USA. Since 2011 he has been teaching at the Australian Catholic University. He is the author of Edward Schillebeeckx and Interreligious Dialogue.
Presents a lively discussion of the critical theme of interfaith dialogue from different religious and cultural perspectives

Offers a  wide range of perspectives, including voices from outside of the North Atlantic 

Provides a range of approaches to the investigation of interfaith dialogue, including theory, praxis, and compelling examples from around the world 

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Ouvrage de 284 p.

14.8x21 cm

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