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Groundwater, 1st ed. 2018 Select Proceedings of ICWEES-2016 Water Science and Technology Library Series, Vol. 76

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Singh Vijay P, Yadav Shalini, Yadava Ram Narayan

Couverture de l’ouvrage Groundwater
This book comprises the select proceedings of the International Conference on Water, Environment, Energy and Society. The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with some aspects of groundwater focusing on delineation of groundwater zones, spatio-temporal variability of groundwater, and aquifer vulnerability. The second part is on some aspects of groundwater recharge, dealing with recharge sources, management of recharge and recharge technology, change of land use / land cover on groundwater recharge. The concluding part covers groundwater quality, encompassing causes and sources of pollution, leachate migration, river bank filtration, variability of quality, assessment and management of quality. The book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in the field of water resources, hydrology, environmental resources, agricultural engineering, watershed management, earth sciences, as well as those engaged in natural resources planning and management. Graduate students and those wishing to conduct further research in water and environment and their development and management will also find the book to be of value.

1. Delineation of Groundwater Potential Zones in Jaisamand Basin of Udaipur District, by P.K Singh.- 2. Spatial and Temporal Variations of Groundwater Level: A Case Study of Wainganga Sub-basin Nagpur, India, by Chandan Kumar Singh.- 3. Spatio-temporal Variation and Trend Analysis of Groundwater Level in Raipur City, Chhattisgarh, by Sumant Kumar.- 4. Spatio-Temporal Relationship Linking Land Use/Land Cover with Groundwater Level, by Vishwanatha Bhat  and Prajwal M.- 5. Groundwater System Modelling and Sensitivity of Groundwater Level Prediction in Indo-Gangatic Alluvia Plains, by Raj Mohan Singh.- 6. Assessing Groundwater Aquifer Vulnerability Using GIS-Based DRASTIC Model Coupling with Hydrochemical Parameters in Granitic Terrain From Southern India by N C Mondal.- 7. An Innovative Technology for Recharging Alluvial Aquifers, by Sujata Ray.- 8. Development of Groundwater Recharge Plan for Bemetara District of Chhattisgarh Using GIS,  by M K Tripathi.- 9. Paleochannel Recharge Sources in the Central Godavari Delta, A.P., India By R. Satyaji Rao Yellamelli.- 10. Change of Land Use/Land Cover on Groundwater Recharge in Malaprabha Catchment, Belagavi, Karnataka, India, by Purandara B. K.- 11. Causes and Sources of Groundwater Pollution: A Case Study of Nagpur City, India, by Sahajpreet Kaur Garewal.- 12. Modeling Leachate Migration- Pramada S K.- 13. Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Identification of Hydrogeochemical Process in Hard Rock Terrain by K. Rama Mohan.- 14. Spatial and Temporal Nitrate Transport in Deep Heterogeneous Vadose Zone of India’s Alluvial Plain, by Jahageer Tomar.- 15. Riverbank Filtration as a Sustainable Solution for Drinking Water Quality and Quantity Problems in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, by Shashi Poonam Indwar.- 16. A Study of the Characteristics of Groundwater Solute Transport Parameters, by Biswajit Chakravorty.- 17. Prioritization for Management of Groundwater Quality Related Problems of Rajsamand District of Rajasthan, by K K Yadav.- 18. Effect of Biochar Amendment on Nitrate Leaching in Two Soil Types of India, by Anil K. Kanthle.- 19. Seasonal Variation of Groundwater Quality in and Around Laharpur Reservoir Bhopal by Neha Nigam.

Focuses on the delineation of groundwater zones

Describes the spatiotemporal variability of groundwater

Explains aquifer vulnerability

Deals with groundwater recharge

Covers groundwater quality

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Ouvrage de 247 p.

15.5x23.5 cm

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