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English Radicalism (1935-1961) Volume 2

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage English Radicalism (1935-1961)
This is volume 2 of the set ^English Radicalism (1935-1961). Reissuing the epic undertaking of Dr S. Maccoby, these volumes cover the story of English Radicalism from its origins right through to its questionable end. By Combining new sources with the old and often long forgotten, the volumes provide an impressive history of radicalism and shed light on the course of English political development. The six volumes are arranged chronologically from 1762 through to the perceived end of British Radicalism in the mid-twentieth century.

Part One, I Reform before and after 1789, II Taking sides on the French Revolution, 1790, III The "Republican" Societies, IV The Revolutionary War opens, 1793-4, V The War grows more burdensome, 1794-3, VI Peace Overtures, 1793-7, VII 1797-9, VIII Buonaparte, First Consul, IX Amiens, Before and After, X The Napoleonic War begun, XI The Passing of Pitt and Fox, XII "Innovation" unsaddled, 1807, XIII The Portland Government, XIV The Agitations of 1808-10, XV The Sessions of 1810 and 181, XVI Liverpool becomes Prime Minister 1812, XVII The Parliament of 1812 to Waterloo, XVIII Post-War Distress and Discontent, XIX Aftermath of Habeas Corpus Suspension, 1817-19, XX The Six Acts and After, 1819-21, XXI Castlereagh passes, Canning succeeds, 1821-3, XXII The Politics of 1826-8, XXIII Parliamentary Reform becomes inevitable, 1829-30, Part Two XXIV Religion, XXV Revolutionary Thinking on Property, Population and the Family, XXVI The Empire and India

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