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Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Roane Henry S., Ringdahl Joel E., Falcomata Terry S.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysts use applied research to create and implement effective evidence-based procedures in schools, homes, and the community, which have proved effective in addressing behaviors associated with autism and other developmental disorders.  The principles underlying this therapeutic approach have been increasingly effective when applied to other populations, settings, and behaviors.  Clinical and Organizational Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis explores data-based decision-making in depth to inform treatment selection for behavior change across various populations and contexts.  Each chapter addresses considerations related to data collection, single-case research design methodology, objective decision-making, and visual inspection of data.  The authors reference a range of published research methods in the area of applied behavior analysis (ABA) as it has been applied to specific topics, as well as utilizing their own clinical work by providing numerous case examples.

  • Reviews current evidence-based practices to provide a comprehensive guide to the application of ABA principles across a range of clinical contexts and applications
  • Divides clinical applications into three sections for ease-of-use: child, adult, and broad-based health
  • Explores the breadth of ABA-based treatment beyond autism and developmental disorders
  • Draws upon a range of subject-matter experts who have clinical and research experience across multiple uses of ABA

Chapter 1: Defining Features of Applied Behavior Analysis

Terry S. Falcomata

Chapter 2: Applied Behavior Analytic Assessment and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Wayne W. Fisher, Amanda N. Zangrillo

Chapter 3: Treatment of Severe Behavior Disorders

Timothy R. Vollmer, Kerri P. Peters, Sarah K. Slocum

Chapter 4: A Behavior-Analytic Approach to the Assessment and Treatment of Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Cathleen C. Piazza, Suzanne M. Milnes, Rebecca A. Shalev

Chapter 5: ABA Applications in the Prevention and Treatment of Medical Problems

Keith D. Allen, Jeffrey F. Hine

Chapter 6: Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis to School-Based Instructional Intervention

Brian K. Martens, Edward J. Daly III, Scott P. Ardoin

Chapter 7: Brief Experimental Analyses of Problem Behavior in a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

David P. Wacker, Kelly M. Schieltz, Patrick W. Romani

Chapter 8: Inborn and Acquired Brain and Physical Disabilities

Mark F. O'Reilly, Nicolette Sammarco, Michelle Kuhn, Cindy Gevarter, Laci Watkins, Heather K. Gonzales, Laura Rojeski, Jeff Sigafoos, Giulio E. Lancioni, Russell Lang

Chapter 9: Behavior Therapy for Childhood Tic Disorders

Douglas W. Woods, David C. Houghton

Chapter 10: Assessment and Intervention for Individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Robert H. LaRue, Kimberly N. Sloman, Erica Dashow, Robert W. Isenhower

Chapter 11: Sleep, Elimination, and Noncompliance in Children

Aurelia Ribeiro, Clare J. Liddon, Dana M. Gadaire, Michael E. Kelley

Chapter 12: Toward Behavior Analytic Practice in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Breanne J. Byiers, Joe E. Reichle

Chapter 13: Treatment of Pediatric Obesity: An Opportunity for Behavior Analysts

Nicole L. Hausman, SungWoo Kahng

Chapter 14: Evidence-Based Application of Staff and Caregiver Training Procedures

Dorothea C. Lerman, Linda A. LeBlanc, Amber L. Valentino

Chapter 15: Conceptual, Experimental, and Therapeutic Approaches to Problem Gambling

Jacob H. Daar, Mark R. Dixon

Chapter 16: Contingency Management to Promote Drug Abstinence

Jesse Dallery, Anthony Defulio, Steven E. Meredith

Chapter 17: Behavioral Gerontology: Research and Clinical Considerations

Jonathan C. Baker, Kathleen M. Fairchild, Dawn A. Seefeldt

Chapter 18: Behavior Analysis and the Treatment of Human Psychological Suffering

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ciara McEnteggart

Chapter 19: Teaching Safety Skills to Children

Raymond G. Miltenberger, Sindy Sanchez, Diego A. Valbuena

Chapter 20: Clinical Application of Behavior Analytic Social Work Practice

Alyssa N. Wilson, Monica M. Matthieu

Chapter 21: Applied Behavior Analysis and Sports Performance

James K. Luiselli, Derek D. Reed

Chapter 22: Applied Behavior Analysis for Health and Fitness

Matthew P. Normand, Jesse Dallery, Triton Ong

Chapter 23: Applications of Behavior Analysis to Improve Safety in Organizations and Community Settings

David A. Wilder, Sigurdur O. Sigurdsson

Chapter 24: Organizational Behavior Management: An Enabler of Applied Behavior Analysis

Timothy D. Ludwig

Chapter 25: Organizational Behavior Management: Systems Analysis

Sigurdur O. Sigurdsson, Heather M. McGee

Practitioners, researchers, and educators of behavior analysis (psychology), specifically those with BCBA-D certification or those working toward it. Could be used in introductory courses to ABA in psychology and special education programs.

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