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ABC of Autism ABC Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage ABC of Autism

ABC of Autism provides clinicians and medical students with a succinct, evidence-based overview of the symptoms, evaluation, treatment, and management of autism in both daily practice and for ongoing patient support plans. This accessible and informative guide allows primary healthcare professionals to quickly reference the essential information required for appropriate patient care.

Compact yet comprehensive, this book offers concise and focused chapters covering topics ranging from basic epidemiology and key diagnostic features to managing behavioural difficulties and co-morbidities, such as ADHD and dyspraxia. Full-colour illustrations reinforce understanding of the condition while actual case studies demonstrate contemporary practices and real-life scenarios.




1 An Introduction to Autism
Munib Haroon

2 Classification and Diagnosis
Munib Haroon

3 The Aetiology of Autism
Keri-Michele Lodge

4 The Features of Autism in Childhood
Munib Haroon

5 The Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism in Children
Munib Haroon

6 Managing Day-to-Day Issues
Munib Haroon Monica Shaha and Mini G. Pillay

7 Mental Health in Children with Autism
Monica Shaha and Mini G. Pillay

8 School and Autism
Munib Haroon

9 Symptoms and Signs in Adult Autism
Alison Stansfield

10 The Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism in Adults
Alison Stansfield

11 Autism and Mental Health in Adult Patients
Conor Davidson

12 Learning Disabilities and Autism
Keri-Michele Lodge Alwyn Kam and Alison Stansfield

13 Gender and Autism
Alison Stansfield Padakkara Saju Isabelle Gately Kate Cooper Derek Glidden and Ruth Bevan

14 Getting On With Life As an Adult After a Diagnosis
Frances Needham

15 Mortality and Autism
Alwyn Kam

16 Interventions for Autism in Children and Adults
Munib Haroon


ABC of Autism is a valuable resource for GPs, paediatricians, speech therapists, educational psychologists, medical and nursing students, and practitioners responsible for coordinating multidisciplinary care for patients with autism.
Munib Haroon is a Consultant Community Paediatrician, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, Harrogate, UK.

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