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A Handbook of Neuropsychological Assessment Psychology Library Editions: Neuropsychology Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Crawford John R., Parker Denis M., McKinlay William W.

Couverture de l’ouvrage A Handbook of Neuropsychological Assessment

Originally published in 1992, this is a wide-ranging text concerned with the principles and practice of neuropsychological assessment in adults. It combines a flexible hypothesis testing approach to assessment with information on specialised test batteries. The book covers the major areas of memory, language, perception, attention, and executive dysfunctions, and includes chapters on dementia, alcohol, drug and toxic conditions, stroke and closed head injury. Assessment of dysfunction in cases involving claims for compensation and chapters on specialised assessment techniques, including automated test procedures, are provided. The book presents a sound introduction to this complex area and gives guidelines for the clinician who may need concise information on a specialised topic.

List of Contributors.  1. Introduction John R. Crawford and Denis M. Parker  Section A: Basic Issues  2. Some Basic Principles of Neuropsychological Assessment Edgar Miller  3. Current and Premorbid Intelligence Measures in Neuropsychological Assessment John R. Crawford  4. Assessment of Laterality Marian Annett  Section B: Assessment of Major Psychological Functions  5. Memory Assessment in Clinical Practice and Research Andrew Mayes and Richard Warburg  6. Questionnaire and Checklist Approaches to Assessment of Everyday Memory Problems Anne Hickox and Alan Sunderland  7. Assessment of Visuo-perceptual Dysfunction J. Graham Beaumont and Jules B. Davidoff  8. Assessment of Deficits in Facial Processing Haydn D. Ellis  9. The Assessment of Unilateral Neglect Peter W. Halligan and Ian H. Robertson  10. Assessment of Language Dysfunction Sandra Walker  11. The Assessment of Reading Disorders Philip H.K. Seymour  12. Assessment of Attention Adriaan H. van Zomeren and Wiebo H. Brouwer  13. Assessment of Frontal Lobe Dysfunction Denis M. Parker and John R. Crawford  Section C: Major Clinical Disorders  14. The Neuropsychological Assessment of Dementia Robin G. Morris and Michael D. Kopelman  15. Neuropsychological Assessment in Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Toxic Conditions J.T.L. Wilson and K.D. Wiedmann  16. Neuropsychological Assessment in Stroke Clive Skilbeck  17. Assessment of the Severely Head-injured William W. McKinley and John M. Gray  Section D: Specialised Assessment Techniques  18. Assessment of the Head-injured for Compensation William M. McKinley  19. Event-related Potentials in Clinical Neuropsychology Michael D. Rugg  20. Computer-based Assessment in Neuropsychology Sarah L. Wilson and T.M. McMillan.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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