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Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning, 2014 Environmental Hazards Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Bostenaru Dan Maria, Armas Iuliana, Goretti Agostino

Couverture de l’ouvrage Earthquake Hazard Impact and Urban Planning

The classical field dealing with earthquakes is called “earthquake engineering” and considered to be a branch of structural engineering. In projects dealing with strategies for earthquake risk mitigation, urban planning approaches are often neglected. Today interventions are needed on a city, rather than a building, scale. This work deals with the impact of earthquakes, including also a broader view on multihazards in urban areas. Uniquely among other works in the field, particular importance is given to urban planning issues, in conservation of heritage and emergency management. Multicriteria decision making and broad participation of those affected by disasters are included.

1. Earthquake hazard impact and urban planning – an introduction

Maria Bostenaru Dan, Iuliana Armas, Agostino Goretti

 Part I: Urban hazard, exposure and vulnerability

2. Active fault systems and their significance for urban planning in Bucharest, Romania

Dumitru Ioane, Mihail Diaconescu, Florina Chitea, George Garbacea

 3. Capacities of remote sensing for population estimation in urban areas

Julia Kubanek, Eike-Marie Nolte, Hannes Taubenböck, Friedmann Wenzel, Martin Kappas

 4. The Vulnerability of Fragile Landscape and Complex Hazards. Areas with Potential Risks and Specific Types of Hazards and Vulnerabilities of the Natural, Anthropic and Cultural Landscape in Braila County, Romania 

Cerasella Craciun

 Part II: Earthquake risk assessment

5. Scenarios for Local Seismic Effects of Tulcea (Romania) Crustal Earthquakes - Preliminary Approach of the Seismic Risk Characterization for Tulcea City 

Stefan Florin Balan, Dumitru Ioane, Carmen Cioflan, Ionelia Panea, Bogdan Apostol, Zina Malita, Florina Chitea, Mirela Adriana Anghelache

 6. High-detail damage pattern in towns hit  earthquakes of the past: an approach to evaluate the reliability of the historical sources 

Fabrizio Terenzio Gizzi, Lucia Tilio, Nicola Masini, Beniamino Murgante, Maria Rosaria Potenza, Cinzia Zotta

 7. Spatial multi-criteria risk assessment of earthquakes from Bucharest, Romania 

Iuliana Armaş and Mircea Radulian

 8. The urban system of Crotone, Italy, facing the earthquake impact 

Agostino Goretti, Sabino Vetta, Francesco Palmieri, Fabio Adamo, Massimo Berlingeri, Luigi Palmieri

 Part III: Risk management

9. Principles for the evaluation of risk governance and the measurement of performance 

Urbano Fra.Paleo

 10. Continuity and discontinuity of urban form - the issue of risk 

Tiberiu Florescu

 11. Timber frame historic structures and the local seismic culture – an argumentation 

Maria Bostenaru Dan

12. Design in time of crisis 

Sergiu Catalin Petrea

 Part IV Impact and Decision making tools

13. A proposal to improve the Disaster Management Cycle model: the importance of the community participation 

Alessia Cerqua and Silvia Rapicetta

 14. Aspects of architecture and urbanism in the reconstruction of disaster: Comparison of l'Aquila (Italy), and Kolontar (Hungary) in the context of participative reconstruction 

Maria Bostenaru Dan

 15. Earthquake hazard impact and urban planning – conclusion and recommendations for further work 

Maria Bostenaru Dan, Iuliana Armaş, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor,Alessia Cerqua, Cristina Olga Gociman, Agostino Goretti

Broadens understanding on urban planning in earthquake disaster management 

Outlines vulnerability, planning, risk assessment and reconstruction 

Includes remote sensing/geo-information and aspects of architecture and urbanism in the reconstruction of disaster

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Ouvrage de 313 p.

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