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Disaster and Development, 2014 Examining Global Issues and Cases Environmental Hazards Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Kapucu Naim, Liou Kuotsai Tom

Couverture de l’ouvrage Disaster and Development

This book offers a systematic, empirical examination of the concepts of disasters and sustainable economic development applied to many cases around the world. It presents comprehensive coverage of the complex and dynamic relationship between disaster and development, making a vital contribution to the literature on disaster management, disaster resilience, and sustainable development. The book collects twenty-three chapters, examining theoretical issues and investigating practical cases on policy, governance, and lessons learned in dealing with different types of disasters (e.g., earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes) in twenty countries and communities around the world.

I- Risk Reduction and Policy Learning

1.Disasters, Development and Resilience: Exploring the Need for Risk Reduction and Capacity Building

2. Focusing Events in Disasters and Development

3. Linking Development to Disasters in Turkey: Moving forward after the Marmara Earthquake

4. Disaster Management System in Azerbaijan: The Case of 2010 Kura River Flood

5. What’s Been Done?  Louisiana after Katrina

6. Disaster Events and Policy Change in Florida

7. Beyond the Hyogo Framework: Disaster Management in the Republic of Lebanon

8. How about this new title?; Disaster Policies Management in Korea

II- Disaster Resilience and Capacity Building

9. Disasters, the Whole Community, and Development as Capacity Building

10. Finding Resilient Networks: Measuring Resilience in Post-Extreme Event Reconstruction Missions

11. The Role of Natural Functions in Shaping Community Resiliency to Floods

12. Hazard Mitigation, Economic Development and Resilience: A Comparative Analysis of Flood Control Policy and Practice in Germany, The Netherlands, and Great Britain

13.The Public Policy Dimension of Resilience in Natural Disaster Management: Sweden’s Gudrun and Per Storms

14. Recovery and Development: Perspectives from New Zealand and Australia

15. Disaster and Development in Ghana: Improving Disaster Resiliency at the Local Level

16. Evolving and Implementing a New Disaster Management Paradigm: The Case of the Philippines

III- Recovery, Development, and Collaborative Emergency Management

17. The Role of Nonprofits and Civil Society in Post-Disaster Recovery and Development

18. California Seismic Safety Commission: Multi-disciplinary Collaboration for Seismic Safety

19. Multi-sector Partnerships in Disaster Housing Recovery: An Examination of Housing Development Approaches in India

20. Re-development, Recovery and Mitigation after the 2010 Catastrophic Floods: The Pakistani Experience

21. Community-based Recovery and Development in Tohoku, Japan

22. The Impact of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake on Disaster Policies and Development

23.Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction and Development in China

Closely examines the concepts of disasters and sustainable economic development as they are applied around the world

Sheds light on how communities can boost their ability to respond to and recover from disasters

Provides guidelines that are broadly applicable to a variety of circumstances, disasters and geographic regions

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