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Taxonomy of Corynoneura Winnertz (Diptera: Chironomidae)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Taxonomy of Corynoneura Winnertz (Diptera: Chironomidae)

The Corynoneura Group: A Global Revision provides detailed and accurate taxonomy of the Corynoneura generic group and discusses the scientific basis for phylogenetic studies of Chironomidae. Four main sections are detailed: introduction, keys, classification and zoogeography. This comprehensive guide includes preliminary biogeographic analysis of the worldwide fauna based on the Corynoneura generic group and species distribution data, summaries of the typical classification features, and keys to all the Corynoneura generic group with over 100 species of Corynoneura are described in detail with morphological figures. The Corynoneura Group is a useful resource for researchers and practitioners in the field of entomology, systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, biodiversity and ecology.

  • Covers nearly all known species of Corynoneura
  • Provides morphological and phylogenetic studiy of the Corynoneura
  • Provides key information on fauna from the Neotropical region

1. Introduction 1.1 Research history and current situation on Corynoneura of the World 1.2 Material and Methodes 1.3 Terminology 1.4 Diagnostic Characters 1.5 Phylogeny 2. Keys 2.1 Key to Corynoneura groups 2.2 Key to males of Corynoneura Winnertz 3. Review of species 4. Zoogeography 5. Index

Researchers and practitioners in the field of entomology, systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, biodiversity and ecology.

Dr. Yue Fu, lead author of this book, received a doctor's degree in Zoology from Nankai University in Tianjin, China. She is currently an associate professor at Hubei University in Hubei, China. Dr. Fu is one of the most experienced specialists of the Corynoneura group in the world. She reviewed the group in Asia and the Nearctic region and she did the phylogeny of the group. This author group has studied on Chironomidae for 12 years and have published a number of papers on the Corynoneura group.

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Thème de Taxonomy of Corynoneura Winnertz (Diptera: Chironomidae) :

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