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Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems (2nd Ed.) An Introduction to Biophysics, Second Edition Foundations of Biochemistry and Biophysics Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems

Praise for the prior edition

"The author has done a magnificent job? this book is highly recommended for introducing biophysics to the motivated and curious undergraduate student."
?Contemporary Physics

"a terrific text ? will enable students to understand the significance of biological parameters through quantitative examples?a modern way of learning biophysics." ?American Journal of Physics

"A superb pedagogical textbook? Full-color illustrations aid students in their understanding" ?Midwest Book Review

This new edition provides a complete update to the most accessible yet thorough introduction to the physical and quantitative aspects of biological systems and processes involving macromolecules, subcellular structures, and whole cells. It includes two brand new chapters covering experimental techniques, especially atomic force microscopy, complementing the updated coverage of mathematical and computational tools. The authors have also incorporated additions to the multimedia component of video clips and animations, as well as interactive diagrams and graphs.


Thomas Nordlund is professor emeritus in the Department of Physics at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society and has been studying biomolecular dynamics for over thirty years.

Peter M. Hoffmann is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where he founded the biomedical physics program. He has been involved in soft matter and biophysics research for twenty-five years, and earned his PhD in materials science and engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Part 1: Introduction, Approach, and Tools

1. Introduction to a New World

2. How (Most) Physicists Approach Biophysics

3. Math Tools: First Pass

Part 2: Structure and Function

4. Water

5. Structures: From 0.1 to 10 nm and Larger

6. First Pass at Supramolecular Structures: Assemblies of Biomolecules

7. Putting a Cell Together: Physical Sketch

Part 3: Biological Activity: Quantum Microworld

8. Quantum Primer

9. Light, Life and Measurement

10. Photosynthesis

11. Direct Ultraviolet Effects on Biological Systems

Part 4: Biological Activity: (Classical) Microworld

12. Classical Biodynamics and Biomechanics

13. Random Walks, Diffusion, and Polymer Conformation

14. Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics Primer

15. Reactions: Physical View

16. Molecular Machines: Introduction

17. Assembly

18. Preparation for Experimental Biophysics

19. Atomic Force Microscopy

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21.6x27.9 cm

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