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Introduction to ion beam biotechnology, 2006

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Introduction to ion beam biotechnology
xIntroduction to Ion Bean Biotechnology presents an comprehensive primer on radiation-induced mutations and implantation of charged particles altering biological development. As such, its one of the most intriging and leading tools in bioengineering cells. IIBB cover the physics of ions particles, the biological effects of ion implantations in cells, and the subsequent use in bacteria, in viruses, and in plants. IIBB covers important areas: Inducing genetic mutations on the molecular level. Inducing cells to catalyze targeted gene transfer. Ion beam technology is a new area, still very young. This book will be essentinal reading for any student, reseacher, or industry professional seeking to understand and master the mechanisms of such mutations.
General Ideas about Ions.- Production and Acceleration of Ions.- Fundamentals of Ion Implantation.- Interactions between Energetic Ions and Biological Organisms.- Reaction Processes of Ion Implanted Biological Small Molecules.- Damage and Repair of Ion-Implanted Dna.- Cell Damage Effects Due to Ion Implantation.- Biological Effects of Ion Implantation.- Fundamentals of Ion Implantation Induced Genetic Variation.- Ion Beam Mutation Breeding of Crops.- Ion Implantation Mutation Breeding of Microbes.- Ion Beam Induced Gene Transfer.- Low-Energy Ions Induced Synthesis of Organic Molecules.- Single-Ion Beam Mutation of Cells.
Professor Yu Zuliang heads the Laboratory of Ion Beam Bioengineering of the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences which is one of the most prestigious research institutes in china. About 15 years ago, he started a brand new research area by bombarding plant seeds with low energy ions and subsequently discovered mutations in the bombarded seeds. Radiation induced mutations have been investigated for some significant contribution to the field of Radiation biology. In additional to the application of the biotechnology he developed, his research in the last several years has been focused on the understanding of the mechanisms for such mutations.

The first book to layout the basics of ion beam technology

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