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Insect Collection and Identification (2nd Ed.) Techniques for the Field and Laboratory

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Insect Collection and Identification

Insect Collection and Identification: Techniques for the Field and Laboratory, Second Edition is the definitive text on all aspects required for collecting and properly preparing specimens for identification. This book provides detailed taxonomic keys to insects and related arthropods, giving recent classification changes to various insect taxa, along with updated preservation materials and techniques for molecular and genomic studies. It includes methods of rearing, storing and shipping specimens, along with a supporting glossary. New sections provide suggestions on how insects and other arthropods can be used within, and outside, the formal classroom and examine currently accepted procedures for collecting insects at crime scenes.

This book is a necessary reference for entomology professionals and researchers who seek the most updated taxonomy and techniques for collection and preservation. It will serve as a valuable resource for entomology students and professionals who need illustrative and detailed information for easy arthropod identification.

  • Features updated and concise illustrations for anatomical identification
  • Provides an overview of general insect anatomy with dichotomous keys
  • Offers sample insect-arthropod based activities for science projects
  • Expands the forensic aspect of evidence collection and chain-of-custody requirements

Basic Tools and General Techniques 1. Equipment and Collecting Methods 2. Agents for Killing and Preserving 3. Storage of Specimens

Classification of Insects and Mites 4. Classification 5. Synopsis of Insect Orders 6. Description of Hexapod Orders

Appendix I: Liquid Preservation Formulas II: Mounting Small and Soft Bodied Specimens III: Directory – State Extension Service Directors and Administrators IV: Submitting Specimens for Identification

Professionals, researchers, and students in entomology; specific disciplines include insect physiology, insect taxonomy, forensic entomology, medical entomology, and insect systematics.

Dr Timothy Gibb is currently a Professor of Entomology at Purdue University. He received his Masters in Entomology at Brigham Young University and later his PhD in Entomology at Kansas State University. Since 2013, Dr Gibb has served as the Director of the Insect Diagnostic Lab at Purdue University. He is the author of five books on entomology, including the first edition of Arthropod Collection and Identification and Contemporary Insect Diagnostics.
Dr Christian Osteo is currently a Professor of Entomology at Purdue University. He received his Masters in Entomology and later his PhD in Entomology and Invertebrate Zoology from the University of Nebraska. Since 2000, Dr Osteo has taught courses on introductory entomology, laboratory entomology, and insect identification. From 2004 to 2013, he was the Director of the Purdue University Honours Program. In addition to co-authoring the first edition of Arthropod Collection and Identification, Dr Osteo has written and contributed to numerous scientific publications on entomology and insect identification.

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