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Fundamentals of pharmacology, an applied approach for nursing and health (2nd Ed.) An Applied Approach for Nursing and Health

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Fundamentals of pharmacology, an applied approach for nursing and health
Your comprehensive and current introduction to the fascinating field of Pharmacology, applied to Nursing and Heatlh. Now fully updated in Une with changes in clinical practice, new drugs and research developments. This clear and readable text will guide you through how drugs act within the body coupled with their clinicat application. Sections covering social, legal and professional issues are included alongside the scientific principtes of pharmacotogy. Drug groups are considered according to their pharmacological effects, their action on physiological processes and the conditions they are used to treat.



Brief contents

List of figures

List of tables



Section I Pharmacology within the social context

Chapter 1 An historical perspective

Chapter 2 Sociocultural aspects

Section II Pharmacology within the professional context

Chapter 3 Drug administration and the law

Chapter 4 Ethical issues

Chapter 5 The roles and responsibilities of nurses

Chapter 6 The roles and responsibilities of other health-care professionals

Section III Drug administration and professional responsibilities

Chapter 7 Drug formulations, storage and routes of administration

Chapter 8 The clinical decision-making process

Chapter 9 Drug administration strategies and documentation

Chapter 10 Medication errors

Chapter 11 Management of common adverse drug reactions

Section IV General aspects of pharmacology

Chapter 12 Drug nomenclature

Chapter 13 Pharmacokinetics: absorption and distribution

Chapter 14 Pharmacokinetics: metabolism and excretion

Chapter 15 Drug interactions

Chapter 16 Pharmacodynamics

Chapter 17 Drug development, evaluation and safety

Chapter 18 Pharmacogenetics

Chapter 19 Pharmacokinetic factors that modify drug action

Chapter 20 Paediatric pharmacology and pharmacology in older people

Section V Toxicology

Chapter 21 Poisoning and envenomation

Chapter 22 Management of clinical overdose

Chapter 23 Contemporary drugs of abuse

Chapter 24 Drug abuse in sport

Section VI Autonomic pharmacology

Chapter 25 General aspects of autonomic pharmacology

Chapter 26 Adrenergic pharmacology

Chapter 27 Cholinergic pharmacology

Section VII Chemical mediators

Chapter 28 Introduction to chemical mediators

Chapter 29 Histamine and antihistamines

Chapter 30 Prostaglandins and serotonin

Chapter 31 Nitric oxide and the endothelins

Section VIII Modulation of behaviour, cognition and motor activity

Chapter 32 General concepts of central nervous system...

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