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Antibodies, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2004 Volume 1: Production and Purification

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Subramanian G.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Antibodies
If the antibody industry is to achieve its full potential inthe next decade, the individual technical potentials must be exploited, the limitations must be addressed, and lessons learned must be applied both to current purification methods and to the new technologies that continue to emerge. This book presents an overview of the current advances applied in the manufacture of monoclonal antibody including: concepts in development of manufacturing strategies, importance of antibody fragments, application of chromatography method development, quality control, effect of expression on antibody properties, virus removal and safety, pharmacokinetics, regulatory aspects. Antibodies Volume 1: Production and Purification together with Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use will beof great value to all of those who are actively working in the field of antibodies. Volume 2: Novel Technologies and Therapeutic Use brings to the forefront current advances in novel technologies for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies and also their extensive clinical importance. Following on from Antibodies Volume 1: Production and Purification, this volume concentrates on: new technologies in the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies, the application of antibodies in cancer therapy and functional genomic therapy, the importance of antibodies and prospects of antibody engineering for the future.
Volume 1. Concepts in Development of Manufacturing Strategies for Monoclonal Antibodies. Antibody Fragments: Production, Purification and Formatting for Therapeutic Applications. Large Scale Production of Therapeutic Antibodies : Considerations for Optimizing Product Capture and Purification. Scale-Up of Antibody Purification. From Laboratory Scale to Production. Purification of Antibody by Chromatographic Methods. Quality Control of Antibodies for Human Use. Expression of Human Anti Rh(D) Monoclonal Antibodies into Different Cell lines : Influence on their Functional Properties. Monoclonal Antibody Production: Minimising Virus Safety Issues. Contract Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical Grade Antibodies. The Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Monoclonal Antibodies. Regulatory and Legal Requirements for the Manufacture of Antibodies. Volume 2. Transgenic technology for monoclonal antibody production. Generation, engineering and production of human antibodies using HuCAL. Achieving appropriate glycosylation during the scale-up of antibody production. Approaches to devise antibody purification processes by chromatography. Novel HIV neutralizing antibodies selected from phage display libraries. Monoclonal and bispecific antibodies in combination with radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Antibodies, a potent tool to target genes into designated cells and tissues. Intrabodies: development and application in functional genomics and therapy. Expression of recombinant antibodies by tumour cells: on road to anti-tumour therapy. Antitumor antibodies: from research to clinic. Macrophages for immunotherapy. Future prospects in antibody engineering and therapy.

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