Watershed management : practice, policies and coordination

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Watershed management : practice, policies and coordination

Thème de Watershed management : practice, policies and coordination

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Introduction. Watershed management : a holistic approach. Watersheds in the United States. The Neponset river. The prototype for watershed management in Massachussetts. San Pasquale valley. Drinking water for San Diego. A Texas based watershed. Satisfying the requirements of three different communities. Imagineering applied to watershed management. The challenges of urban stormwater in watershed management. Watershed management in a sole source aquifer. International. Watershed management in the Himalayan foothills. Watershed management in Thailand. the Pacific rim perspectives in watershed management. The Nile river. Headwaters to the Mediterranean. Others.
Introduction: Watershed Management - a Holistic Approach. Watersheds in thh United States: The Neponset River - The Prototype for Watershed Management in Massachusetts. San Pasquale Valley - Drinking Water for San Diego. A Texas Based Watershed - Satisfying the Requiremnts of Three Different Communities. Imagineering Applied to Watershed Management. The Challenges of Urban Stormwater in Watershed Management. Watershed Management in a Sole Source Aquifer. International: Watershed Management in The Himalayan Foothills. Watershed Management in Thailand. The Pacific Rim Perspectives in Watershed Management. The Nile River - Headwaters to The Meditteranean. Others.
This book brings a wide variety of different perspectives into a single focus regarding watershed management. It covers the how's and why's of a watershed approach to managing water resources in a sustainable fashion. It then follows with case studies showing how the concept of watershed management is being implemented around the world. Modelling is used to show how systems can be successfully managed in the future.