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Tectonic and Structural Framework of the Zagros Fold-thrust Belt Developments in Structural Geology and Tectonics Series, Vol. 3

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Saein Ali Farzipour

Couverture de l’ouvrage Tectonic and Structural Framework of the Zagros Fold-thrust Belt

Tectonic and Structural Framework of the Zagros Fold-thrust Belt, Volume Three presents the latest on one of the most-studied terrains in the world. This collection of new research and developments on its tectonic and structural geology is crucial and will have broad appeal, not only in Iran, but worldwide. Collisional mountain ranges, such as Zagros, the Himalayas, the Alps and the Andes share common fundamental deformation mechanisms, therefore geoscientists study these ranges and compare and contrast the research. The Zagros range is studied by geologists from different parts of the world, particularly with the goal to understand its unique dynamics and kinematics.

In addition, the Zagros range is a potential source for hydrocarbons, thus it is of particular interest to petroleum geologists and exploration companies worldwide.

  • Analyzes the Zagros region in Iran and its similarities to the Himalayas, Alps and the Andes
  • Helps readers understand its unique dynamics and kinematics
  • Explores the region as a potential source for hydrocarbons, making it particularly interesting to petroleum geologists and exploration companies

1. Role of decollement horizons in folding style, the Zagros fold thrust belt (Iran) 2. Growth Strata and Time of deformation in Zagros Range 3. Structural evolution of central Zagros fore-deep since Cretaceous time 4. Induced Fold Thrust belt in a Strike -slip System: Structural evidences from NW of the Zagros 5. Zagros foreland fold belt timing across Lurestan to constrain Arabia-Iran collision 6. Structural Geology and Neotectonics of Iraq 7. The evidence for blue schist metamorphism in the Zagros 8. Tectonic geomorphology and seismotectonics of the northwestern part of the Zagros orogenic belt 9. A model on form evolution of Babadağ-Honaz fault (East of Aegean Graben Systems) and role the basin formation (East Mediterranean) 10. Right lateral strike-slip faulting and related basin formations in the Turkish-Iranian Plateau 11. Tectonic geomorphology of the Zagros Orogen 12. Structural style in the Fars geological province, interaction of diapirism and multi detachment folding 13. Strike- slip faulting in the Zagros orogenic belt

The book is much needed for oil companies, especially the ones working in the Middle East. So it could be an excellent reference or a text book for their short course programs. Because the Zagros is famous for its unique structures, it will be a very good reference for all structural geologists as well. This book could be used as one of the up-to-date reference books at universities in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Associate Professor in Tectonics and Structural Geology, Department of Geology, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

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