Introduction to environmental geology, international edition (4th Ed.)

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Please note this Table of Contents is from the third edition of Introduction to Geology:

Part I: Foundations of Environmental Geology

1: Philosophy and Fundamental Concepts

2: Internal Structure of the Earth and Plate Tectonics

3: Minerals and Rocks

Part II: Earth Processes and Natural Hazards

4: Introduction to Natural Hazards

5: Earthquakes and Related Phenomena

6: Volcanic Activity

7: Rivers and Flooding

8: Slope Processes, Landslides, and Subsidence
9: Coastal Processes
10: Impact of Extraterrestrial Objects

Part III: Resources and Pollution

11: Water Resources
12: Water Pollution
13: Mineral Resources
14: Energy and Resources
15: Soils and Environment
16: Waste as a Resource: Waste Management
17: Air Pollution

Part IV: Environmental Management, Global Perspectives, and Society

18: Global Climate Change

19: Geology, Society, and the Future