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Interpretation of airphotos & remotely sensed imagery (Spiral paper)

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A useful tool for anyone needing to extract information from airphotos and satellite images, this outstanding laboratory manual employs a wide variety of high quality images and practical exercises and includes information on how to begin interpretation.
1. Concepts of Scale
2. Direct Measure of Linear Distance and Area
3. Parameters of Image Signatures
4. Photogrammetric Considerations
5. Land Use/Land Cover Mapping
6. Interpretation Log Exercise
7. Color Infared Photography
8. Interpretation Mapping with Multiple Images
9. Satellite Mapping of Earth Resources
10. Satellite Mapping of Earth's Atmosphere and Water Resources
11. Interpretation of RADAR Imagery
12. Interpretation of Selected Earth Surface Phenomena
13. Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
14. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
  • Initial exercises deal with fundamental concepts involved in working with maps and aerial images. Succeeding exercises gradually increase in difficulty and sophistication, helping students learn more advanced methods of interpretation.
  • Includes high quality images that exemplify the specific points of interpretation under discussion. After general information is given for a particular image, questions lead students to greater interpretive involvement.
  • Employs a variety of images in different formats to make interpretive techniques accessible to users in many disciplines
    - Scale variation ranges from 1 inch=600 feet to 1 inch=100+ miles.
    - Black and white, color, and color-infrared images illustrate the variation in information available from these formats.
    - V

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