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Handbook of engineering hydrology Modeling, Climate Change, and Variability

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Eslamian Saeid

Couverture de l’ouvrage Handbook of engineering hydrology

While most books examine only the classical aspects of hydrology, this three-volume set covers multiple aspects of hydrology. It examines new approaches, addresses growing concerns about hydrological and ecological connectivity, and considers the worldwide impact of climate change. It also provides updated material on hydrological science and engineering, discussing recent developments as well as classic approaches. Published in three books, Fundamentals and Applications; Modeling, Climate Change, and Variability; and Environmental Hydrology and Water Management, the entire set consists of 87 chapters, and contains 29 chapters in each book. The chapters in this book contain information on: Climate change and hydrological hazards, hydrological modeling, and urban water systems, as well as climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources, climate change uncertainty, vulnerability, and adaption

Rainfall estimation and changes, hydrological changes of mangrove ecosystems, impact of the development of vegetation on flow conditions and flood hazards, urbanization impacts on runoff regime, and discretization in urban watersheds

Artificial neural network-based modeling of hydrologic processes, flow and sediment transport modeling in rivers, hybrid hydrological modeling, hydrologic modeling: stochastic processes, and time series analysis of hydrologic data

Dam risk and uncertainty, drought indices for drought risk assessment in a changing climate, hydrologic prediction and uncertainty quantification, uncertainty and risk of the PMP and PMF

Geostatistics applications in hydrology, GIS applications in a changing climate, GIS-based upland erosion mapping, regional flood frequency analysis, regionalization of hydrological extreme events, remote sensing data and information for hydrological monitoring and modeling.

Application of copulas in hydrology, bankfull frequency of rivers, statistical parameters used for assessing hydrological regime, significance of statistical tests and persistence in hydrologic processes

Application of Copulas in Hydrology: Geomorphological Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph and Intensity Index of Infiltration Frequency

Emna Gargouri-Ellouze and Saeid Eslamian

Artificial Neural Network–Based Modeling of Hydrologic Processes

Emery A Coppola Jr, Anna Szidarovszky, and Ferenc Szidarovszky

Bankfull Frequency in Rivers

Carmen Agouridis

Climate Change and Hydrological Hazards

Yang Hong, Lu Liu, Lei Qiao, and Pradeep Adhikari

Climate Change and Hydrologic Modeling

Rezaul K Chowdhury and Saeid Eslamian

Climate Change and Urban Water Systems

Ole Mark and Birgit Paludan

Climate Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources

Never Mujere and Saeid Eslamian

Climate Change: Uncertainty, Impact, and Adaptation

Mohammad Reza Farzaneh, Saeid Eslamian, and Seyed Jalal E Mirnezami

Dam Risk and Uncertainty

Ehsan Goodarzi and Saeid Eslamian

Design Rainfall Estimation and Changes

Khaled Haddad and Ataur Rahman

Discretization in Urban Watersheds

Iván Rivas Acosta

Drought Indices for Drought Risk Assessment in a Changing Climate

Brian A Fuchs, Mark D Svoboda, Donald A Wilhite, and Michael J Hayes

Flow and Sediment Transport Modeling in Rivers

Masoomeh Fakhri, Hamze Dokohaki, Saeid Eslamian, Iman Fazeli Farsani, and Mohammad Reza Farzaneh

Geostatistics Applications in Hydrology

Pejman Tahmasebi and Gregoire Mariethoz

GIS Applications in a Changing Climate

Mohammed Matouq, Hussam Al-Bilbisi, Tayel El-Hasan, and Saeid Eslamian

GIS-Based Upland Erosion Mapping

Soo Huey Teh, Lariyah M Sidek, Pierre Y Julien, and Jansen Luis

Hybrid Hydrologic Modeling

Pierre Y Julien and James S Halgren

Hydrological Changes in Mangrove Ecosystems

Shafi Noor Islam, Albrecht Gnauck, Hans-Jürgen Voigt, and Saeid Eslamian

Hydrologic Modeling: Stochastic Processes

Rina Schumer

Hydrologic Prediction and Uncertainty Quantification

Caleb M DeChant and Hamid Moradkhani

Impact of the Development of Vegetation on Flow Conditions and Flood Hazards

Tomasz Kałuża and Saeid Eslamian

Regional Flood Frequency Analysis

Ataur Rahman, Khaled Haddad, and Saeid Eslamian

Regionalization of Hydrological Variables

Mehdi Vafakhah and Saeid Eslamian

Remote Sensing Data and Information for Hydrological Monitoring and Modeling

Reza Khanbilvardi, Tarendra Lakhankar, Nir Krakauer, Rouzbeh Nazari, and Al Powell

Significance of Statistical Tests and Persistence in Hydrologic Processes

Khaled H Hamed

Statistical Parameters Used for Assessing Hydrological Regime

Rezaul K Chowdhury and Saeid Eslamian

Time Series Analysis of Hydrologic Data

Óli Grétar Blöndal Sveinsson

Uncertainty of the PMP and PMF

Jose D Salas, German Gavilan, Fernando R Salas, Pierre Y Julien, and Jazuri Abdullah

Impact of Urbanization on Runoff Regime

Never Mujere and Saeid Eslamian


Water resources, civil, environmental, geological, agricultural, sanitary, geographical, natural resources engineers, universities and research center libraries, professors, students, water industry companies and its staff members, consulting companies, environmental NGO’s, governmental organizations and its staff members.

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17.8x25.4 cm

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