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Active tectonics : Earthquakes, uplift & landscape, 2nd ed.

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Active tectonics : Earthquakes, uplift & landscape, 2nd ed.
This text is appropriate for beginning undergraduate courses in active tectonics, geomorphology and natural hazards taught in either geology or geography departments. This text may also be of interest to city planners, seismic engineers, and other non-geologists.
Through lucid, carefully organized exposition, this text makes the study of active tectonics (earthquakes in the present and recent past) easily understandable. Extremely current throughout, this text thoroughly explores the effects of earthquakes and active tectonic systems on humans, geomorphic systems, and Earths topography. Complete with numerous case studies in a variety of regions, the very latest advances in the field, separate quantitative techniques boxed sections, and a host of pedagogical aids.
1. Introduction to Active Tectonics: Emphasizing Earthquakes.
2. Landforms, Tectonic Geomorphology and Quaternary Chronology.
3. Geodesy.
4. Geomorphic Indicators of Active Tectonics.
5. Active Tectonics and Rivers.
6. Active Tectonics and Coastlines.
7. Active Folding and Earthquakes.
8. Paleoseismology and Earthquake Prediction.
9. Mountain Building.
  • NEW - Completely updated - Adding the recent events in Turkey and Taiwan.
  • NEW - Increased material on Quaternary chronology - Includes lichen chronology and micro stratigraphy of desert varnish.
  • NEW - Geodesy completely updated - Focuses on new advances in the technology and new applications to geology and tectonics.
  • NEW - New studies - Includes research in the Olympic Mountains, Nepal, Australia, Taiwan, the Himalayas, and the New Madrid seismic zone of the central United States.
  • The cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field - Reflected, with completely up-to-date data and the very latest scientific finding and technological breakthroughs.
  • Concise presentation of the material - Makes this text flexible enough to be used as a primary text (active tectonic

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Ouvrage de 362 p.

18x23.5 cm


Thème d’Active tectonics : Earthquakes, uplift & landscape, 2nd ed. :

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