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Guide to freshwater fish

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Guide to freshwater fish
A compact, authoritative guide for freshwater fishing tripsFrom one of the most respected names in the world of sportfishing comes the definitive, full-color guide to 140 of the most common freshwater fish species found in North American rivers, lakes, and streams. Featuring information on identification, habitat, size, and diet, Ken Schultz's Guide to Freshwater Fish is a must for anglers and sportfishing enthusiasts everywhere.
Introduction. An Overview of Fish. Fish Anatomy. Species. Alewife. Bass, Florida Largemouth. Bass, Guadalupe. Bass, Largemouth. Bass, Peacock. Bass, Redeye. Bass, Roanoke. Bass, Rock. Bass, Smallmouth. Bass, Spotted. Bass, Striped. Bass, Suwannee. Bass, White. Bass, Whiterock. Bass, Yellow. Bluegill. Bowfin. Buffalo, Bigmouth. Buffalo, Smallmouth. Bullhead, Black. Bullhead, Brown. Bullhead, Yellow. Burbot. Carp, Common. Carp, Grass. Catfish. Catfish, Blue. Catfish, Channel. Catfish, Flathead. Catfish, White. Charr. Charr, Arctic. Chub. Chub, Creek. Chub, Hornyhead. Chubsucker. Cisco. Crappie, Black. Crappie, White. Dace. Dace, Blacknose. Dace, Longnose. Darters. Dolly Varden & Bull Trout. Drum, Freshwater. Drum, Red. Eel, American. Fallfish. Gar, Alligator. Gar, Florida. Gar, Longnose. Gar, Shortnose. Gar, Spotted. Goldeye. Grayling, Arctic. Herring. Hogsucker, Northern. Inconnu. Ladyfish. Lamprey. Madtoms. Madtom, Brown. Minnow. Minnow, Fathead. Mooneye. Mosquitofish. Mullet. Muskellunge. Muskellunge, Tiger. Paddlefish. Perch, White. Perch, Yellow. Pickerel, Chain. Pickerel, Grass & Redfin. Pike, Northern. Rudd. Ruffe. Salmon, Atlantic. Salmon, Chinook. Salmon, Chum. Salmon, Coho. Salmon, Pink. Salmon, Sockeye. Sauger. Saugeye. Shad, Alabama. Shad, American. Shad, Gizzard. Shad, Hickory. Shad, Threadfin. Shiner, Common. Shiner, Emerald. Shiner, Golden. Shiner, Striped. Smelt, Rainbow. Snook, Fat/Swordspine/Tarpon. Snook, Common. Splake. Squawfish, Northern. Steelhead. Sticklebacks. Stonecat. Stoneroller, Central. Sturgeon. Sturgeon, Atlantic. Sturgeon, Lake. Sturgeon, Shovelnose. Sturgeon, White. Sucker. Sucker, White. Sunfish. Sunfish, Green. Sunfish, Longear. Sunfish, Mud. Sunfish, Pumpkinseed. Sunfish, Redbreast. Sunfish, Redear. Tarpon. Tilapia. Trout. Trout, Apache. Trout, Blueback. Trout, Brook. Trout, Brown. Trout, Cutthroat. Trout, Gila. Trout, Golden. Trout, Lake. Trout, Rainbow. Trout, Sunapee. Trout-Perch. Walleye. Warmouth. Whitefish, Lake. Whitefish, Mountain. Whitefish, Round. Glossary.

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