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What is Quantum Information?

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Lombardi Olimpia, Fortin Sebastian, Holik Federico, López Cristian

Couverture de l’ouvrage What is Quantum Information?
Combining physics and philosophy, this is a uniquely interdisciplinary examination of quantum information science which provides an up-to-date examination of developments in this field. The authors provide coherent definitions and theories of information, taking clearly defined approaches to considering information in connection with quantum mechanics, probability, and correlations. Concepts addressed include entanglement of quantum states, the relation of quantum correlations to quantum information, and the meaning of the informational approach for the foundations of quantum mechanics. Furthermore, the mathematical concept of information in the communicational context, and the notion of pragmatic information are considered. Suitable as both a discussion of the conceptual and philosophical problems of this field and a comprehensive stand-alone introduction, this book will benefit both experienced and new researchers in quantum information and the philosophy of physics.
Preface; Introduction; Part I. About the Concept of Information: 1. About the concept of information Sebastian Fortin and Olimpia Lombardi; 2. Representation, information, and theories of information Armond Duwell; 3. Information, communication, and manipulability Olimpia Lombardi and Cristian López; Part II. Information and quantum mechanics: 4. Quantum versus classical information Jeffrey Bub; 5. Quantum information and locality Dennis Dieks; 6. Pragmatic information in quantum mechanics Juan Roederer; 7. Interpretations of quantum theory: a map of madness Adán Cabello; Part III. Probability, Correlations, and Information: 8. On the tension between ontology and epistemology in quantum probabilities Amit Hagar; 9. Inferential versus dynamical conceptions of physics David Wallace; 10. Classical models for quantum information Federico Holik and Gustavo Martin Bosyk; 11. On the relative character of quantum correlations Guido Bellomo and Ángel Ricardo Plastino; Index.
Olimpia Lombardi is the director of a research group in the philosophy of physics and the philosophy of chemistry. She has reviewed for several of the most prestigious journals specialized in physics and the philosophy of science, and has been awarded grants from the Foundational Questions Institute, New York and the John Templeton Foundation.
Sebastian Fortin is a Research Fellow of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina, and has spoken and published widely on quantum information theory, the foundations of quantum mechanics, and the foundations of quantum chemistry.
Federico Holik is a Research Fellow of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina. His research focusses on the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information theory, the interpretation of quantum probabilities, and the study of the logical, algebraic and geometrical aspects of the quantum formalism.
Cristian López is a Visiting Fellow of the Münich Center for Mathematical Philosophy and holds a graduate-research fellowship at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina. His research focusses on the philosophy of physics and the philosophy of time.

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