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Thermoinelasticity symposium east kilbride, june 25-28, 1968 (iutam symposia), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1970 Symposium East Kilbride, June 25-28, 1968 Coll. IUTAM Symposia

Langue : Anglais, Français

Coordonnateur : Boley Bruno A.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Thermoinelasticity symposium east kilbride, june 25-28, 1968 (iutam symposia)
The proposal for a Symposium on high temperature effects in solids originated in 1964, at which time a pilot committee, headed by Professor F. K. G. ODQVIST, was formed. Upon the recommendation of this com­ mittee, a site for the Symposium and a Scientific Organizing Committee were chosen, and some guidelines delineating the field to be covered were established. The Symposium was held at the National Engineering Laboratory in East Kilbride (Glasgow), Scotland, from June 25 to 28, 1968. The Scientific Organizing Committee was composed of the following mem­ bers: Professor B. A. BOLEY, Chairman (U. S. A.) Professor F. BUCKENS (Belgium) Professor F. K. G. ODQVIST (Sweden) Professor W. OLSZAK (Poland) Professor H. PARKUS (Austria) Dr. D. G. SOPWITH (U. K.) The Local Organizing Committee was subsequently formed; it was direct­ ed by Dr. SOPWTTH with Mr. R. BRODIE as Secretary, and Mr. C. E. PHILLIPS and Dr. J. GLEN as additional members. It deserves ample praise for excellent arrangements and hospitality. In the discussions concerned with the goals of the Symposium, it was decided that its principal aim should be the presentation of a comprehen­ sive view of the behavior of solids and structures at high temperature under any type of inelastic regime. It soon became apparent that this was a very wide field, since it would embrace questions ranging from those of basic thermodynamic to those of engineering analysis and design.
Propagation of Second-Order Thermomechanical Disturbances in Viscoelastic Solids.- Equations of the Theory of Thermal Stresses in Double-Modulus Materials.- On the Influence of Vibrational Heating on the Fracture Propagation in Polymeric Materials.- Thermal Mechanism of Cold-Drawing of Polymers.- On ‘Thermo-Rheologically Simple’ Solids.- Creep Instability of Aluminum under Varying Temperature.- Cyclic Thermal Loading in Viscoelastic Pressure Vessels.- The Dynamic Blanking, Forging, Indenting and Upsetting of Hot Metals.- Thermo-Elastic-Plastic Analysis at Finite Strain.- Sur la Normalité de la Fonction de Fluage Lors d’Essais de Traction d’un Dural à 200°C.- Thermal Fatigue and Thermal Shock Investigations.- Thermal Effects in Viscoplasticity.- Representation of Inelastic Mechanical Behavior by Means of State Variables.- Some Stochastic Problems of Thermoviscoelasticity.- Yield Surfaces of Pure Aluminum at Elevated Temperatures.- On a Thermodynamic Constitutive Theory and Its Application to Various Nonlinear Materials.- Creep Rupture at Strain Concentrations. Limitations of the Fracture Mechanics Approach.- A Contribution to Creep Fracture under Combined Stress System.- Thermomechanical Coupling in Viscoelastic Solids.- Influence de la température sur les réactions viscoélastiques de vulcanisats de caoutchouc susceptibles de cristalliser au cours d’essais de traction monoaxiale.

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