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The science & applications of acoustics, (2nd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The science & applications of acoustics,
This textbook treats the broad range of modern acoustics from the basics of wave propagation in solids and fluids to applications such as noise control and cancellation, underwater acoustics, music and music synthesis, sonoluminescence, and medical diagnostics with ultrasound. The discussion begins with a historical overview. It then turns to a derivation of the wave equation from the fundamental equations of motion for fluids and for solids, with solutions of the equation in open air and in bounded media such as strings, bars, membranes, and pipes. Sound filters and electric analogs for sound propagation are also treated. A chapter on measurement techniques provides a comprehensive survey of the means of evaluating sound levels and frequency content of signals. A section of the physiology of hearing and psychoacoustics includes recent findings on how the human ear functions. The remainder of the book deals with a wide variety of applications including architectural acoustics, enclosures and barriers, noise codes and regulations,, and methods of noise control, underwater acoustics, ultrasound, vibration control, and music, musical instruments, and reproduction of music. The new edition is up-to-date and forward-looking in approach. Chapter 2 now covers fluid-fluid interface effects, with additional information on newest measurement techniques. Updates are provided on the use of ultrasound in industry, and deeper coverage is provided on medical uses of ultrasound. The chapter on music and musical instruments has been broken up into two chapters, one chapter covering music and musical instruments and the other covering sound reproduction and including the latest devices such MP3®, iPod®, 5.1-, 6.1-, and 7.1-channel systems, and THX® and Iosono® theater systems. Additional coverage of the opto-acoustics and sonoluminescence phenomena is included. New problems have been added throughout.
Fundamentals of Acoustics.- Sound Wave Propagation and Characteristics.- Vibrating Strings.- Vibrating Bars.- Membranes and Plates.- Pipes, Waveguides, and Resonators.- Acoustic Analogues, Ducts, and Filters.- Sound Measuring Instrumentation.- Physiology of Hearing and Psychoacoustics.- Acoustics of Enclosed Spaces: Architectural Acoustics.- Wall, Enclosures, and Barriers.- Criteria and Regulations for Noise Control.- Machinery Noise Control.- Underwater Acoustics.- Ultrasonics.- Commercial and Medical Ultrasound Applications.- Music and Music Instruments.- Sound Reproduction.- Vibration and Vibration Control.- Introduction to Nonlinear Acoustics.- Appendix A: Physical Properties.- Appendix B: Bessel Functions.- Appendix C: Using Laplace Transform to Solve Differential Equations.
Some praise for the previous edition:JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICAReview by Uwe J. Hansen, Indiana State University"While coming to us as a survey, [the book] nevertheless prepares us with a thorough and mathematically rigorous theoretical basis before embarking on the journey through the acoustical archipelago ... In such an all-encompassing text, the depth of several individual topics covered at an introductory graduate level is truly astounding. ... In summary, this is a remarkable text at the advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level. Its strength lies in its breadth of coverage, in its level of sophistication, and in its didactic value. Many concepts introduced in the chapters are illustrated by applied example problems with solutions. Additional problems at the end of each chapter are carefully chosen to provide practical computational exercises while demanding conceptual understanding. References include relevant texts, summary monographs, and current journal articles. The structure of the second half of the book as relatively independent chapters lends itself nicely to course construction. Chapters with less relevance to a particular field can easily be omitted and others can readily be enhanced with the use of the reference section at the end of each chapter."JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETYReview by Neil A. Shaw"... Very comprehensive and adept ... Daniel R. Raichel [...] has produced what is the next step in the natural evolution of a general introductory acoustics text. His presentation of the material is very effective, especially in the way the concepts in one chapter segue into the next. The presentation throughout the book is very clear and straightforward with case studies and examples that are quite lucid. The Science and Applications of Acoustics is recommended for all who want a good introductory text to the subject. Many practitioners will also benefit from some of the more esoteric material."THE PHYSICISTRevi

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