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Surface Electron Cyclotron Waves in Plasmas, 1st ed. 2019 Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics Series, Vol. 107

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Surface Electron Cyclotron Waves in Plasmas

This book is the first of its kind devoted to surface waves propagating across an external static magnetic field at harmonics of the electron cyclotron frequency. Based on comprehensive theoretical studies carried out over the course of about forty years, it presents unique material on various characteristics of these transverse waves, namely, dispersion properties and their dependence on numerous design peculiarities of plasma waveguides; damping due to interaction with the plasma surface (the kinetic channel) and collisions between plasma particles (the Ohmic channel); interaction with flows of charged particles moving above the plasma surface; parametric excitation due to the effect of an external radiofrequency field; and their power transfer for sustaining gas discharges. Clarifying numerous complicated mathematical issues it is a valuable resource for postgraduate students and experts in plasma physics, electromagnetic waves, and the kinetic theory of plasmas.

Introduction.- Methods of Solving the Kinetic Vlasov-Boltzmann Equation in Case of Bounded Magnetized Plasmas.- Surface Electron Cyclotron TM – Мode Waves.- Surface Electron Cyclotron X-Мode Waves.- Surface Electron Cyclotron O-Мode Waves.

Volodymyr O. Girka was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1957 and completed his M.S., Candidate of Science, and Doctor of Science degrees in plasma physics at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University (KKhNU), Kharkiv, in 1980, 1985, and 2001, respectively. From 2002 to 2015, he was a Professor at the Department of General and Applied Physics, KKhNU. He authored 3 textbooks, 3 monographs, and more than 80 papers. His research interests included the propagation, excitation, and absorption of surface-type electromagnetic waves (in particular, surface cyclotron waves and azimuthal flute modes) in devices for plasma electronics and plasma technologies. Prof. Girka was awarded the prize “High School of Kharkiv: the best names” by Kharkiv’s Regional Governor and was nominated as “the recognized professor of fundamental subjects” in 2008. He passed away on November 3, 2015.

Igor O. Girka was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1962 and completed his M.S. degree in theoretical nuclear physics, and Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in plasma physics at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University (KKhNU), Kharkiv, in 1985, 1991, and 2004, respectively. From 2003 to 2005 he served as a Vice-President at KKhNU, and has been Dean of the KKhNU School of Physics and Technology since 2005. He has authored 5 textbooks, 3 monographs, and more than 90 papers. His current research interests include the propagation, conversion, and absorption of magneto hydrodynamic and surface-type electromagnetic waves in fusion devices and devices for plasma electronics. Prof. Girka was awarded the K.D. Synelnykov prize by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) in 2010. Since 2015, he has been Vice-President of the Ukrainian Physical Society, and in 2018 he was elected a corresponding member of the NASU.

Manfred Thumm was born in Magdeburg, Germany, in 1943 and completed his Dipl. Phys. and Dr. rer. nat. degrees in physics at the University of Tüb

Collects unique material on the properties of surface waves propagating at the harmonics of the electron cyclotron frequencies

Gathers, in a single book, results published over forty years in different peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings

Clarifies a number of complex mathematical issues in plasma electrodynamics

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