Stresses in plates and shells, 2nd ed 1998

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Combining the modern numerical, mechanics of material, and theory of elasticity methods of analysis, this book provides an in-depth coverage of the subject. Students are exposed to both the theory and the latest applications to various structural elements. It presents both modern analytical and computer oriented numerical methods. PUBLIC : senior graduates taking courses in plates and shells, pressure vessels, analysis of thin walled structures, advanced statics, or special topics in solid and structural mechanics.
Basic concepts. Stress analysis of simple members. Elements of plate bending theory. Circular plates. Rectangular plates. Plates of various geometrical forms. Numerical methods. Anisotropic plates. Plates under combined lateral and in-plate loads. Large deflections of plates. Thermal stresses in plates. Membrane stresses in shells. Bending stresses in shells. Applications to pipes, tanks, and pressure vessels. Cylindrical shells under general loads.