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Sensors handbook

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Sensors handbook
The first all-inclusive reference on sensors in industry and science! Finally a current and comprehensive guide to commercially available sensors that will help engineers, scientists, and technicians pinpoint the optimum sensor for any given application, enabling you to check the specs for your required component more easily and more reliably than ever! Also features: specific advice on selecting and using the optimum sensor for any given application, full descriptions of hands-on applications in various industries, and practical insights on how to ensure more flexible control via sensors.
Introduction. Fiber Optics in Sensors and Control Systems. Networking of Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing. The Role of Sensors and Control Technology in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. Advanced Sensor Technology in Precision Manufacturing Applications. Industrial Sensors and Control. Sensors in Flexible Manufacturing Systems. SPECTR: An Online Production Analytical Sensor Developed for Pharmaceutical, Food, Petroleum, Agriculture, Beef, Pork, and Poultry Industries. Communications. Microelectromechanical Systems Applications in Energy Management. The MEMS Program. MEMS in the Medical Industry. MEMS: A Future Technology? MEMS Advanced Research and Development. Functional Integration of Microsystems in Silicon. Automotive Applications of Microelectromechanical Sstems (MEMS). A Brief Study of Magnetism and Magnetic Sensors. The Fundamentals and Value of Infrared Thermometry. GMR: The Next Generation of Magnetic Field Sensors. Smart Civil Structures, Intelligent Structural System. A New Approach to Structural Health Monitoring for Bridges and Buildings. True Online Color Sensing and Recognition. Fundamentals of Solid-State Presence-Sensing Technologies. Design and Application of Robust Instrumentation Sensors in Extreme Environments. Color Machine Vision. Monolithic Integrated Physical and Chemical Sensors in CMOS Technology. A Research Prototype of a Networked Smart Sensor System. Sensors and Transmitters Powered by Fiber Optics. A Process for Selecting a Commercial Sensor Actuator Bus as an Industry Interoperable Standard. A Portable Object-Oriented Environment Model (POEM) for Smart Sensors. New Generation of High-Temperature Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensors. Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Transducer Networking. Principles and Applications of Acoustic Sensors Used for Gas Temperature and Flow Measurement. Portable PC-Based Data Acquisition: An Overview. Understanding and Applying Intrinsic Safety. Application of Acoustic, Strain, and Optical Sensors to NDE of Steel Highway Bridges. Long-Term Monitoring of Bridges Pier Integrity with Time Domain Reflectometry Cables. Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Sensor Research, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Sensors and Instrumentation for the Detection and Measurement of Humidity. Thermal Imaging for Process and Quality Control. The Detection of ppb Levels of Hydrazine Using Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence Techniques. Sensitive and Selective Toxic Gas Detection Achieved with a Metal-Doped Phthalocyanine Semiconductor and the Interdigitated Gate Electrode Field-Effect Transistor (IGEFET). Molecular Relaxation Rate Spectrometer Detection Theory. Current State of the Art in Hydrazine Sensing. Microfabricated Sensors: Taking Blood Testing Out of the Laboratory. Closed-Loop Control of Flow Rate for Dry Bulk Solids. Weigh Belt Feeders and Scales: The Gravimetric Weigh Belt Feeder. Low-Cost Infrared Spin Gyro for Car Navigation and Display Cursor Control Applications. Quartz Rotation Rate Sensor: Theory of Operation, Construction, and Applications. Fiber Optics Rate Gyro for Land Navigation and Platform Stabilization. A Micromachined Comb Drive Tuning Fork Gyroscope for Commercial Applications. Automotive Applications of Low-G Accelerometers and Angular Rate Sensors. Microfabricated Solid-State Secondary Batteries for Microsensors. High-Temperature Ceramic Sensors. Microfabricated and Micromachined Chemical and Gas Sensor Developments. Electro-formed Thin-Film Silica Device as Oxygen Sensor. Using Leg-Mounted Bolt-On Strain Sensors to Turn a Tank Into a Load Cell. Five New Technologies for Weighing Instrumentation. Multielement Microelectrode Array Sensors and Compact Insturmentation Development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Enabling Technologies for Low-Cost, High-Volume Pressure Sensors. A Two-Chip Approach to Smart Sensing. Specifying and Selecting Semiconductor Pressure Transducers. Introduction to Silicon Sensor Terminology. Silicon Sensors and Microstructures: Integrating an Interdisciplinary Body of Material on Silicon Sensors. Understanding Silicon Processing and Micromachining. Universal Sensors Technology: Basic Characteristics of Silicon Pressure Sensors. Advanced Sensor Designs. Silicon Microstructures. Computer Design Tools. Signal Conditioning for Sensors. Sensor Packaging Technology. Advances in Surface Micromachined Force Sensors. Peer-to-Peer Distributed Control for Discrete and Analog Systems. Distributed, Intelligent I/O for Industrial Control and Data Acquisition: The Seriplex Sensor/Actuator Bus. Thin/Thick Film Ceramic Sensors. Low-Noise Cable Testing and Qualification for Sensor Applications. Resonant Microbeam Technology for Precision Pressure Trandsucer Applications. Two-Chip Smart Accelerometer. Quartz Resonator Fluid Monitors for Vehicle Applications. Overview of the Emerging Control and Communication Algorithms Suitable for Embedding Into Smart Sensors. Automotive Applications of Conductive Polymer-Based Chemical Sensors. Modeling Sensor Performance for Smart Transducers. Inferared Gas and Liquid Analyzers: A Review of THeor and Applications. Infrared Noncontact Temperature Measurement: An Overview. Quality Control Considerations. Microsystem Technologies.
The handbook covers sensors applications in engineering and sicence. It provides advice on selecting and using the optimum sensor for any given application. It includes full descriptions of hands-on applications. It offers a powerfull tool to implement flexible control through the use of sensors.

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