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New Trends in Atomic and Molecular Physics, 2013 Advanced Technological Applications Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics Series, Vol. 76

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Mohan Man

Couverture de l’ouvrage New Trends in Atomic and Molecular Physics

The field of Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP) has reached significant advances in high–precision experimental measurement techniques. The area covers a wide spectrum ranging from conventional to new emerging multi-disciplinary areas like physics of highly charged ions (HCI), molecular physics, optical science, ultrafast laser technology etc. This book includes the important topics of atomic structure, physics of atomic collision, photoexcitation, photoionization processes, Laser cooling and trapping, Bose Einstein condensation and advanced technology applications of AMP in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, fusion, biology and nanotechnology. This book is useful for researchers, professors, graduate, post graduate and PhD students dealing with atomic and molecular physics. The book has a wide scope with applications in neighbouring fields like plasma physics, astrophysics, cold collisions, nanotechnology and future fusion energy sources like ITER (international Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Tokomak plasma machine which need accurate AMP data.

Recent Investigations of Radiative Lifetimes and Transition Probabilities in Heavy Elements.- Atomic Structure calculations useful for Astrophysics and Fusion Plasma.- Highly Charged Ions in Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Penning Traps.- Dominance of Higher-Order Contributions to Electronic Recombination.- High Accuracy Non-Lte Modeling of X-Ray Radiation in Dense Matter.- Dielectronic Satellites and Auger Electron Heating : Irradiation of Solids by Intense XUV-Free Electron Laser Radiation.- The Iron Project: Photoionization and Photoexcitation of Fe~XVII in Solar Opacity.- Hybrid Theory of Electron-Hydrogenic Systems Elastic Scattering.- Relativistic Distorted Wave Theory: Recent Progress and Applications.- Formation of a Narrow Group of Intense Lines in the Emission and Photoexcitation Spectra.- Fluorescent FeII and FeIII Lines as Probes of Astrophysical Plasmas.- Quantum Physics Inspired Optical Effects in Tight-Binding Lattices.- Astronomy and Cancer Research: X-Rays and Nanotechnology From Black Holes to Cancer Therapy.- Transmission of Slow Highly Charged Ions through Ultrathin Carbon Nanosheets.- Relevance of Electron-Molecule Collision Data for Engineering Purposes.- Data-Intensive Profile for the VAMDC.- Application of Atomic Physics in Understanding the Interior of the Sun.- Atomic Physics and Nuclear Fusion: The Challenges of Low-Z and High-Z Ions.

Represents an up-to-date scientific status report on new trends in atomic and molecular physics

Multi-disciplinary approach

Also of interest to researchers in astrophysics and fusion plasma physics

Contains material important for nano- and laser technology

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