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Intermediate Solid Mechanics

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Based on class-tested material, this concise yet comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of solid mechanics is ideal for those taking single-semester courses on the subject. It provides interdisciplinary coverage of the key topics, combining solid mechanics with structural design applications, mechanical behavior of materials, and the finite element method. Part I covers basic theory, including the analysis of stress and strain, Hooke's law, and the formulation of boundary-value problems in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates. Part II covers applications, from solving boundary-value problems, to energy methods and failure criteria, two-dimensional plane stress and strain problems, antiplane shear, contact problems, and much more. With a wealth of solved examples, assigned exercises, and 130 homework problems, and a solutions manual available online, this is ideal for senior undergraduates studying solid mechanics, and graduates taking introductory courses in solid mechanics and theory of elasticity, across aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering, and materials science.
Preface; Part I. Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics: 1. Analysis of stress; 2. Analysis of strain; 3. Stress-strain relations; 4. Boundary value problems of elasticity; 5. Boundary-value problems: cylindrical coordinates; Part II. Applications: 6. Two-dimensional problems of elasticity; 7. Two-dimensional problems in polar coordinates; 8. Antiplane shear; 9. Torsion of prismatic rods; 10. Bending of prismatic beams; 11. Contact problems; 12. Energy methods; 13. Failure criteria; References; Index.
Vlado A. Lubarda is a Professor of Applied Mechanics in the NanoEngineering Department at the University of California, San Diego. He is the co-author of Mechanics of Solids and Materials (Cambridge, 2006).
Marko V. Lubarda is an Assistant Professor of Polytechnics at the Univerzitet Donja Gorica, Montenegro.

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