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Handbook of Granular Materials

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Franklin Scott V., Shattuck Mark D.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Handbook of Granular Materials

Granular systems arise in a variety of geological and industrial settings, from landslides, avalanches, and erosion to agricultural grains and pharmaceutical powders. Understanding the underlying physics that governs their behavior is the key to developing effective handling and transport mechanisms as well as appropriate environmental policies.

Handbook of Granular Materials presents foundational techniques used to investigate granular systems, examples of their use in contemporary research, and extensions to granular-like systems that greatly expand the realm of study. The book provides guidance on how to conduct research in granular materials and explores promising directions for new research.

The first several chapters cover various methods used by contemporary researchers to investigate granular materials. Subsequent chapters delve into broader themes of investigation, focusing on results rather than methodology. The final chapters describe three extended systems of granular media: suspensions, emulsions and foams, and colloids.

Scott V. Franklin and Mark D. Shattuck

Experimental Techniques
Scott V. Franklin and Mark D. Shattuck

Computational Methods
Corey S. O’Hern

Kinetic Theories for Collisional Grain Flows
James T. Jenkins

Statistical Mechanics of Dry Granular Materials: Statics and Slow Dynamics
Bulbul Chakraborty

Packings: Static
Mark D. Shattuck and Scott V. Franklin

Forces in Static Packings
Robert P. Behringer

Sheared Dense Granular Flows
Andreea Panaitescu, Ashish V. Orpe, and Arshad Kudrolli

Avalanches in Slowly Sheared Disordered Materials
Karin A. Dahmen and Robert P. Behringer

Segregation in Dense Sheared Systems
Kimberly M. Hill

Suspension Mechanics and Its Relation to Granular Flow
Jeffrey F. Morris

Wet Foams, Slippery Grains
Brian P. Tighe

Introduction to Colloidal Suspensions
Piotr Habdas


Researchers, instructors, and professionals in physics, engineering, materials science, and applied math; students in materials science and condensed matter physics.

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