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Design for Additive Manufacturing Tools and Optimization Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technologies Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Design for Additive Manufacturing
Design for Additive Manufacturing: Tools and Optimization is a complete guide to design tools for the manufacturing requirements of AM, and how they can enable optimisation of process and product parameters for a reduction of manufacturing costs and effort. Research into AM continues to expand the technical frontiers of manufacturing with novel material technologies as well as innovations in manufacturing methods. This timely synopsis of current and pending state-of-the-art design tools for AM brings the reader right up to date with the latest methods from both academia and industry. Tools for both metallic and polymeric AM technologies are presented and critically reviewed, and their manufacturing attributes are mapped to the associated production economics providing a systematic method for optimising AM process selection. Commercial applications of AM are explained with case studies from a range of industries, demonstrating technical best-practice in AM design.

  • Covers all the commonly used tools for designing for additive manufacture, as well as descriptions of important emerging technologies
  • Provides systematic methods for optimising AM process selection for specific production requirement
  • Addresses design tools for both metallic and polymeric AM technologies
  • Commercially relevant case studies showcase best-practice in AM design from sectors including biomedical, aerospace, defence, and automotive
1. Introduction
2. Design for Additive Manufacture (DFAM)
3. AM Manufacturability Assessment
4. Design of Lattice and Zero-Mean Curvature Structures
5. Topology Optimisation for AM
6. Generative Design of AM Structures
7. Support Structure Generation and Optimisation
8. Optimisation of AM Data-Sets
9. Extended Case Study – Structural Optimisation of High-Value Mass-Optimised Aerospace Bracket
10. Extended Case Study – Patient Specific Medical Implants to Mimic Naturally
11. Extended Case Study – Radiotherapy Phantoms Fabricated by AM Methods
12. Extended Case Study – Temperature Field Prediction for Thermal AM Processes
Design engineers in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and defence with an interest in additive manufacturing. Postgraduates and researchers in engineering and materials science who need to use AM technologies
Martin Leary is an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, RMIT University, Australia. His research interests include engineering design, and system approaches and optimization. He is also the Medical Manufacturing Group Leader at RMIT, a member of the RMIT Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CAM), and co-editor of the International Conference on Sustainable Automotive Technologies.

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