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Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Applications in Nanomaterials

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Lanza Mario

Couverture de l’ouvrage Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
The first book to summarize the applications of CAFM as the most important method in the study of electronic properties of materials and devices at the nanoscale.
To provide a global perspective, the chapters are written by leading researchers and application scientists from all over the world and cover novel strategies, configurations and setups where new information will be obtained with the help of CAFM.
With its substantial content and logical structure, this is a valuable reference for researchers working with CAFM or planning to use it in their own fields of research.
- Foreword
- Preface
- Introduction to CAFM: History, Experimental and Current Status
- Reliability of Polycrystalline Thin Oxides and Insulators
- Investigation of High–k Dielectric Stacks by TUNA and CAFM: Advantages, Limitations and Applications
- 3D Tomography for Analyzing Conductive Filaments for Resistive Random Access Memory Devices
- CAFM Applications for Energy Efficient and High–Frequency Electronics
- Local Anodic Oxidation with AFM Tips
- CAFM Studies of Low–Dimensional Materials
- Design of a Logarithmic Amplifier for CAFM
- Resiscopes for Analyzing Wide Dynamic Current Ranges
- Combination of CAFM with the Probestation for Characterization of Resistive Switching and Channel Hot Carriers Degradation in FETs
- Multiprobe CAFM
- Scanning Capacitance Microscopy as a Complementary Tool for CAFM
- KPFM and its Use to Characterize the CPD in Different Materials
- Hot–Electron Nanoscopy Using Adiabatic Compression of Surface Plasmons
- Fabrication and Reliability of AFM Nanoprobes

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