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An Introduction to Gauge Theories

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Couverture de l’ouvrage An Introduction to Gauge Theories

Written by world-leading experts in particle physics, this new book from Luciano Maiani and Omar Benhar, with contributions from the late Nicola Cabibbo, is based on Feynman?s path integrals. Key elements of gauge theories are described?Feynman diagrams, gauge-fixing, Faddeev-Popov ghosts?as well as renormalization in Quantum Electrodynamics. Quarks and QCD interactions are introduced. Renormalization group and high momentum behaviour of the coupling constants is discussed in QED and QCD, with asymptotic freedom derived at one-loop. These concepts are related to the Higgs boson and models of grand unification.

"? an excellent introduction to the quantum theory of gauge fields and their applications to particle physics. ? It will be an excellent book for the serious student and a good reference for the professional practitioner. Let me add that, scattered through the pages, we can find occasional traces of Nicola Cabibbo's style."
?John Iliopoulos, CNRS-Ecole Normale Supérieure

" ?? The volume ends with an illuminating description of the expectation generated by the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, combined with the lack of evidence for super-symmetric particles in the mass range 0.6-1 TeV."
?Arturo Menchaca-Rocha, FinstP, Professor of Physics, Mexico?s National Autonomous University, Former President of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, Presidential Advisor

"?The reader is masterfully guided through the subtleties of the quantum field theory and elementary particle physics from simple examples in Quantum Mechanics to salient details of modern theory."
?Mikhail Voloshin, Professor of Physics, University of Minnesota


The Feynman Path Integral

Towards a Field Theory

Equations of Motion, Symmetries, and Ward's Identitiy

The Electromagnetic Field

Fermion Fields

Scattering Processes and the S-Matrix

Perturbative Green's Functions in Λϕ4

S-Matrix Feynman Diagrams in Λϕ4

Quantum Electrodynamics

Renormalization of QED

Applications of QED

 Renormalization Group of QED

Quantizing a Non-Abelian Theory

The Beta Function in QCD

Unitarity and Ghosts

Effective Constants at High Energy and Ideas about Grand Unification

Limits on the Mass of the Higgs Boson

The Weak Muon Anomaly

Effective Potential and Naturalness

Appendix A: Transition Amplitude Calculation

Appendix B: Connected Diagrams

Appendix C: Lorentz Invariance and One Particle States

Appendix D: Reduction Formulae

Appendix E: Integrals

Appendix F: Beta Functions


This book is intended for graduate students taking courses in gauge theories, quantum field theory, the standard model, and special topics courses in particle physics. It also would be useful to undergraduate students taking courses in gauge theories, quantum field theory, the standard model, and special topics courses in particle physics. Additionally, it would be beneficial to postdocs in experimental and theoretical particle physics and academics in other areas seeking an insight into the standard model.

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15.6x23.5 cm

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