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Successful Research Supervision (2nd Ed.) Advising students doing research

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Successful Research Supervision

Successful Research Supervision offers a research-based practical framework for academics to examine and develop their effectiveness as research supervisors. Underpinned by practical and current research and focussing on the effective techniques needed to thrive as a supervisor, the second edition is fully updated, providing a go-to guide for both novice and more experienced supervisors.

With new sections including ethical procedures, the use of social media to gather data and promote research, supporting academic writing and co-supervision, this book guides from the initial steps to managing a project through to successful completion.

This book will help academics to:

  • Expand a repertoire of actions and responses, giving the flexibility to meet different situations with ease and confidence
  • Understand the influence of value and experiences in the choice of approach to research students
  • Be able to choose the most appropriate combination of approaches for a particular curriculum or project
  • Employ a neutral language for developing and assisting others

By identifying the optimum combination of approaches to best fit individuals, Successful Research Supervision helps supervisors to move their students towards the ultimate goal of being able to study independently in a thoughtful, coherent and efficient manner. This book is crucial reading for all supervisors looking to improve their practice.


This is the companion guide to Successful Research Projects, a comprehensive and accessible guide for busy students facing postgraduate research projects. It covers the key questions, challenges and solutions and helps identify important goals and solve problems associated with research projects.

  1. Chapter 1: Tomorrow’s supervisor; Chapter 2: A framework for analysing approaches to teaching and supervision; Chapter 3: Theoretical background to the framework; Chapter 4: Functional Teaching and Supervision; Chapter 5: Supporting enculturation; Chapter 6: Developing Critical Thinking; Chapter 7: Enabling Emancipation; Chapter 8: Creating a relationship; Chapter 9: Using the framework; Chapter 10: Supporting Careers; Chapter 11: Supporting Academic Writing; Chapter 12: Dilemmas of co-supervision; Chapter 13: Creating the ethical researcher; Chapter 14: Supervising differently; Chapter 15: Preparing to examine research work; Chapter 16: Looking to the future: researching and developing research supervision skills; Conclusion; Glossaries to help further inquiry; References; Figures; Tables; Appendix; Appendix A: Supervisor’s questionnaire – exploring validity

Anne Lee is an independent academic. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK and was Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway. Find out more about her work at

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